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These 4 special skins are confirmed to be released in February 2021 - Mobile Legends News

January is drawing to a close and the new skins for February are already on the rise. Many heroes receive special skills in February. So far there are 4 fixed heroes that will be released next month.

The skin, which will be released in February, corresponds to the celebrations that will take place this month, namely Valentine’s day and Lunar New Year. Hence, the skins that will be released will have a theme with these events.

Here are guys 4 Mobile Legends new skin whose publication was confirmed in February. Who are you? Let’s check out the review below.

Alice – Steam Glider (Starlight Member February)

to February Starlight member skin 2019 is that Alice. It’s very reasonable as it is used a lot by gamers in the current meta. After one-revise from Moonton, Alice became popular again, along with Vexana, which was also redesigned at the time.

Alice Starlight February 2021 - Mobile Legends
Alice Starlight February 2021 – Mobile Legends

Alice is a very agile heroine because of her first ability. This first skill will make it difficult for the enemy to kill him. Then the second ability also has an effect numbalthough the duration is not long.

The worst thing about Alice is actually her ultimate ability to suck the enemy’s blood like a vampire. In addition, this ability is an area that, along with Alice’s durability, is quite large thanks to her passive ability.

Gusion – Dangerous Laison

Gusion is still a hero assassin who is used a lot in the current meta. This hero does enormous damage and has great posability. You can use this hero to level up as this hero is still a scary ghost, especially early through the late stages of the game.

Gusion special skin - Mobile Legends
Gusion special skin – Mobile Legends

Gusion gets in February Valentine’s day special skin. As it turned out, he was paired with Lesley. In fact, many had initially suspected that this Gusion would be paired with Lesley.

When Gusion usually uses a dagger or sword like Kunai as a weapon, he uses a flower on that particular skin. But be careful, yes, in battle he will still be dangerous later.

Lesley Dangerous love

As I mentioned before, yes, if Lesley will get special skins Valentine’s Day and paired with Gusion. If he usually carries a weapon, he wears an umbrella as a weapon on this skin. Yeah, Kagura, that’s it guys.

Lesley Special Skin - Mobile Legends
Lesley Special Skin – Mobile Legends

If we look at the current meta, Lesley is used very rarely, folks. While he had become the ideal shooter for Mobile Legends players in the past, it did so because Lesley had gained experience nerf solid.

We don’t know in the future, maybe Lesley will spruce up a bit so a lot of people can buy this new skin. Maybe Lesley will be there in the next updatepolishing and is used again by many players.

Lolita – lion dance

In patch 1.3.44, Lolita gets a revision of her skills. It is natural because this hero is rarely used, only really professional players can play this hero. Even when used correctly, this hero is very useful to the team.

Lolita Special Skin - Mobile Legends
Lolita Special Skin – Mobile Legends

This February Lolita gets Moon special skins. If we’re careful, Lolita’s new skin is very good. Lolita looks cute and funny too. Maybe a lot of people will buy this skin.

These are the 4 heroes that will be released in February 2021. So far, only 3 heroes receive skins. Maybe in the future, other heroes will be released in February. So for those of you who want your skin, just prepare your cash. Have fun rescuing, guys!

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