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The strongest Freya build from Top Global Mobile Legends Auto Savage! – Here’s the strongest, sickest Freya build from the world’s leading cell phone legends, Autosavage guaranteed!

Freya is a strong woman with great ability who is very hard to beat. This hero with a steel shield often makes it difficult for both fighters and shooters with long stun effects.

In addition, Freya can also cause great damage to thin-blooded opponents such as assassins, mages and support. Especially when Freya has spread her wings, almost all running heroes are made by her.

With a pretty complete ability like this, I think all players will agree that Freya is one of the sickest heroes to buy. But you have to know, buying Freya is not the same as other heroes.

To buy Freya you need to top up diamonds with at least 3000 rupiah, which you can do on the Codashop website. For those of you who are interested, please read the article about buying Mobile Legends Diamonds on Codashop that I wrote earlier.

On this occasion, I will provide a full guide on how to use Freya as well as the best build that will be suitable to use. But before that, it will be good if you carefully note the details of Freya’s abilities below.

Freya status

  • PS: 2801
  • Mana: 462
  • Mana Restoration: Dec.
  • HP recovery: 49
  • Physical attack: 109
  • Magical Power: –
  • Protection: 22
  • Magic shield: 10
  • Movement speed: 260
  • Attack Speed: 0.876

Freya’s abilities

  • capability passive: Can create a sacred shield after inflicting 2 normal attacks on the enemy. On the 3rd attack, the shield automatically inflicts additional attacks on the enemy. Please note that this attack does not apply to minions.
  • First ability – Wings of faith : Freya will jump on the enemy and easily pull the opponent. Deals +240 physical damage with an additional + 100% physical attack at each level.
  • Second ability – Godspeed strike : Increases the attack speed of 3 normal attacks that take effect in 5 seconds. The sacred shield produced by Freya can stun opponents to the point of swooning. This ability deals +180 physical damage with an additional + 60% additional physical attack.
  • Third ability (ultimate) – Valkyrie : Freya switches to Valkyrie mode by flapping her wings. Inflicts +340 physical damage to the enemy while also giving a slowing effect to keep the enemy from walking. Each of Freya’s normal attacks is increased by 20 and has a magical antidote effect by 15. The next attack, Freya deals +200 physical damage, making her even more invincible.

After reading Freya’s Skills, you will surely get more and more interested in it, won’t you? So here is the best Freya build in Mobile Legends that can get you going wild right away!

The best Freya build in Mobile Legends that you should try!

Well, here is the strongest Freya build we could summarize:

Berserker’s rage

Berserker's rageFreya’s first build is Berserker’s Fury. It’s a bit strange, but after trying it out you’ll definitely agree that Freya really needs this item in the early game.

This item is a piece of equipment that can provide a critical attack opportunity that works very well when combined with Freya’s stun effect. Not only that, this item can also offer +65 Physical Attack accompanied by + 25% Critical Strike Chance.

Imagine if the opponent is the same level and Freya switches to Valkyrei mode, I think Freya’s victory is in sight.

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Fast boots

Fast boots

The next article, as always, is shoes. Fast boots is an option that can be used by stun fighters like Freya.

This item gives + 15% attack speed that Freya can use to take down the enemy. Not only that, like a shoe, this item also adds the +40 movement speed ability to chase / avoid enemies.

Haas’ claws

Haas' claws

This item is not only used for attack and defense, it also makes Freya’s body stronger when dealing with opponents. Offers an additional +70 physical attack and a passive ability that gives + 20% life steal, making Freya even more invincible.

It doesn’t stop there, when Freya is in an urgent condition, she gets 10% Life Steal after her HP (blood) is below 40%. You can use this skill to continue the fight or run away from your opponent.

Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom

The combination of slowing skills and quick attacks makes Freya look even stronger at the end of the game. Hence, he needs an item to increase his attack speed like Scarlet Phantom.

This item is very popular as it has the ability to add +40 attack speed, which allows all heroes to launch basic attacks faster. Not only is this item superior in terms of speed, but it can also offer +30 Physical Attack and + 10% Critical Attack Skill like Berseker’s Fury. So don’t forget to buy this item!

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Blade of the 7 seas

Blade of the 7 seas

As you are reading, this item can offer a variety of pretty powerful abilities. After purchasing this item you will also get +65 physical attack, +300 extra blood and + 20% attack speed.

Additionally, this item’s passive ability is great. This item increases Freya’s base attack by 10%, as if she were using a combat spell for rage. In addition, any ability bestowed by Freya will reduce the enemy’s physical armor.

Brute force breastplate

Brute force breastplate

If the game doesn’t end, you will need to purchase an item of defense so that you can attack the shooter. I myself recommend the Brute Force Breastplate, which can be used both as an item of defense and as an attack.

By purchasing this item you will also receive +770 HP and +45 armor. The passive ability this item offers is very interesting as it can increase a Freya’s attack power. Every time Freya’s basic attack hits the enemy, her movement speed increases by 2%, as does her physical attack by 3%.

Remarks :

If the game doesn’t end, you can replace the Blade of 7 Seas item with the Blade of Despair item. In addition, you can also replace the Swift Boot item with Immortal if the opponent is too difficult to defeat.

So this is an article on Freya in Mobile Legends building that can offer ferocity. Hope this article helps and don’t forget to win every game!

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