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The strengths and weaknesses of Kadita Mobile Legends! Check before buying

Kadita Mobile Legends
Kadita Mobile Legends

One of the new heroes in Mobile Legends is Kadita. This hero is inspired by the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul. Thus, Kadita is an original hero from Indonesia, just like Gatotkaca, which was previously released.

But don’t use it as a yardstick if Kadita is a local Indonesian hero who will make you buy it. This hero is very strong indeed in the current meta. Still in doubt? Let’s just look at the rating below.


According to Mimin, Kadita has more advantages than disadvantages. This hero is agile, immune, and has very painful damage. Additionally, he has pretty good stamina in general compared to hero mages.

Agile and agile

Ability 1 Kadita Mobile Legends
Ability 1 Kadita Mobile Legends

Mages with sprinting skills are really needed in today’s meta. Kadita has this ability where she has Skill 1, a sprint skill that allows her to easily escape or easily participate in team fights.

Better still, Kadita’s 1st skill can be used to penetrate walls, even shoot pretty thick ones. So, Skill 1’s dash distance is very far folks.

It turns out that Kadita’s 1st skill can also damage enemies in the dashed line. This, of course, is very useful for chasing down a dying enemy. Skill 1 becomes even more dangerous when combined with Skill 2, which has an effect Crowd control (CC) and ability 3 that has damage very large.

Hard to kill

Kadita's ultimate ability in Mobile Legends
Kadita’s ultimate ability in Mobile Legends

The agile hero is of course very difficult to kill. Except with locker heroes. Heroes with great mobility are most needed in the current meta. For example Harley, Kagura, Alice and Harith. They are very difficult to kill because they are very agile.

Likewise with Kadita, where she becomes an agile heroine and is difficult to kill. Kadita is also a very special magician. Because not only is he agile, but he also has immunity with his first and ultimate abilities. Thus he is immune to all enemy CC effects.

In addition, Kadita has a very good shelf life for the size of a hero mage. The passive can regenerate HP with every attack, the first and ultimate abilities have immune effects and damage reduction.

Kadita’s 1st skill makes her immune to the effects of enemy CC and reduces damage while she’s still in the waves. The ultimate skill also provides an immune effect against CC and deals terrible damage.

Even Kadita also has a passive ability that gives her HP regeneration after taking damage for 4 seconds. The amount of HP Rain he received was 65% of his reduced HP.

Good initiator

Combo Skill 1, 2 and 3 can be a really deadly combo for the enemy. Skill 1 for Sprint and Immunity, Skill 2 for Crowd Control, and Skill 3 for Big Damage. Skill 1 will also have a slow effect on enemies hit by a sprint.

Thus, thanks to the immune and damage reduction of Skill 1, this Kadita can be a very good initiator. This ability is rather rare among mage heroes. Because most initiators have crowd control, but are prone to death because they have a short shelf life.

Terrible damage

Kadita's ultimate ability in Mobile Legends
Kadita’s ultimate ability in Mobile Legends

I mentioned earlier that Kadita is doing tremendous damage, especially her ultimate ability. Yes, the damage done by this skill is very great thanks to its unique mechanism. When Kadita Ulti activates, it sends out a tsunami wave in 7 directions. Each tsunami deals 300-360 (+ 60% magic power) damage. Thus, the enemy can take maximum damage of up to 3600 if they are right in front of Kadita when spending the ultimate.

It doesn’t stop there, Kadita transforms into a wave for a few seconds and in this mode she is immune to damage and crowd control. After a few seconds, the waves that spread in the seven directions return to Kadita. Enemies hit by the waves also take damage.


All of the heroes in the Mobile Legends game have advantages and disadvantages, including Kadita. As strong as he is, he must also have weaknesses. What are Kadita’s weaknesses? Let’s take a look below.

Timing is everything

Kadita Mobile Legends
Kadita Mobile Legends

Skill 2 Kadita is very easy to avoid with Skill 1 if it is not supported by Skill 1. Even to maximize their ultimate ability, you have to be very close to the enemies around you. If not, the harm to Kadita won’t be so great.

Then Skill 1 can also be a boomerang for those of you who are new to Kadita. When using skill 1, it happens that you get caught yourself. So we have to be really smart to take advantage of the possible moments and situations.

Beginners will usually do it touch Skill 1 opponents without thinking about the conditions, so they die stupidly because they are hit by the opposing gang.

Easy to read combo

Kadita’s combo usually starts with Skill 1 so the enemy can see what they want very easily and they can easily dodge. Because it was the right moment for Kadita when it was a team fight where the enemy didn’t pay attention to all the heroes present and we could sneak into the formation of the opposing team to launch an existing attack.


Mimin herself does not agree or disagree that Kadita is not an OP hero. He has a special ability, even for a magician great. He could possibly be placed in middle row thanks to his skills. He has blast damage, sprint, crowd control, damage reduction, and immunity. So don’t be surprised if the Queen of the South Beach messes up the center lane if you can’t muffle her.

But you really need to understand all of the skills. If you already understand the skill, then you can know the right timing to attack. If you don’t use skills with the right timing, you will die stupidly because you will be hit by the opponent’s ganking.

Well, is that the discussion about Kadita’s strengths and weaknesses this time around? Do you think he’s an OP and a special hero? You can judge for yourself.

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