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The strengths and weaknesses of Granger Mobile Legends, so you won't regret your purchase

The strengths and weaknesses of Granger Mobile Legends, so you won't regret your purchase

Cecepkocep – Granger is one of the shooting heroes who is unique in the Mobile Legends game. He has a long attack range and can do enormous damage, this hero has characteristics like Lesley where his range of fire is very long and he does great damage every time he hits the target.

This granger is a unique marksman in that he cannot get the full effect of attack speed, be it through decorations or items. That way his attack is very slow and we have to maximize his burst damage.

In this article, Cecepkocep will go further into Granger’s strengths and weaknesses. By knowing the benefits, we can maximize Granger’s potential. While we know its weaknesses, we can be careful when playing.

The Benefits of Granger Mobile Legends

Obviously, when you look at his role and specialty, Granger has almost the same advantages as Sagittarius in general. This is the advantage that Granger has.

1 # High burst damage

There is no doubt that Granger has very large burst damage. Why is that? Because almost all of its abilities can cause very large burst damage. First we will discuss from the passive first.

Granger has 6 bullets, and after all 6 of his bullets are used, he cannot fire for 0.66 seconds (including basic attacks). Well, Leomord’s sixth bullet will definitely do critical damage. You need to know that the critical damage is very large, it can reach 3 times the usual damage. Of course, we can maximize these passives again with the Berserker’s Fury item.

Granger’s first skill does even greater blast damage as he fires 6 bullets at once. Then his attack is also increased by 10% after using the second skill. The combination of Berserker’s Fury and Blade of Despair is very apt for Granger in my opinion.

Granger isn’t a shooter who relies on attack speed, but he’s more of a critical damage. Although his attacks are slow, each shot deals very high damage. Also Read: Esmeralda Mobile Legends Strengths And Weaknesses So You Don’t Regret Your Purchase

2 # The attack distance is very far

Granger’s third ability has a very long range, if not as wide as Lesley. We can use this ability to kill enemies who are trying to escape. In this way, this skill is very suitable for us to take down or push enemies as the radius of fire is quite wide.

Plus, Granger’s third skill is not just one shot, but 3 times as well. So we can easily poke enemies or kill opponents. Then we can also position ourselves after taking a shot of skill 3. Skill 3 is similar to Ruby’s passive skill. This way we can position ourselves more easily when using Skill 3.

3 # Strong in the early – middle game

Usually, shooting heroes are very strong in the late game, but that doesn’t apply to Granger. He can dominate in the early and middle games because he’s a hero who relies on skill. The combination of skills 1 and 3 is quite painful in the early game. We can say that Granger is the strongest shooter in the early game.

Granger balls are limited to 6 balls. He can only take 6 shots, after which he cannot shoot for 0.6 seconds. Of course, this is a huge loss for Granger, especially when the match has entered the late stage of the game.

By now, if we’re careful, almost all shooters have unlimited base attacks. They even have a high attack speed, for example Mosov and Claude. So don’t expect to win against them if you have to duel in late game.

This way we have to finish the game asap when using Granger. We have to do that if we don’t want to be hit by an epic comeback by our opponents. We also have to play aggressively at the beginning of the game.

4 # Easy to use

The way to play from Granger is pretty straightforward, all skills are pretty easy to master. What we need to look out for when playing Granger is that we can play it safe by keeping our distance from the enemy. Then we also have to watch out for our balls. Remember, if the bullet runs out there will be a delay before we can attack again.

I think Granger’s style of play is more like Lesley’s. We can poke the enemy with the first skill to escape, we can use skill 2, then we can use skill 3. Also Read: The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Khufra Mobile Legends

Weaknesses of Granger Mobile Legends

Almost every Sagittarius has a weakness in their movement. Because they are very easy to pick up, although there are also some shooters who are difficult to kidnap, for example Claude. Below are Granger’s weaknesses.

1 # Low attack speed

The main weakness of this Granger is that its attack speed is very slow as it has limited bullets. He can only fire 6 shots, so he will pause 0.6 seconds to avoid attacking his target. That is of course very damaging, especially for crucial moments in the late game.

That way, Granger is very less effective for late-game games. He would lose if he had to duel with Irithel, Moskov and Claude. He is very dependent on his skill combos and his target must be completely dead with this combo.

2 # Easy to pick up

Granger could only position himself with his second ability. Even then, the scope of this skill is very small. That way, Granger didn’t have very good escape skills. He has slow movements and less effective escape skills.

Hence, Granger is very weak when it comes to agile heroes like Gusion and Lancelot. So we can say that Granger is very weak against assassin heroes and other agile heroes like Harley, Chou, Zilong, and even Leomord. That way, you have to be careful when dealing with them.

3 # Ultimate ability easy to miss

Although Granger’s 3rd skill has a very long range, this skill is very easy to miss in practice. Especially when our target is moving horizontally (sideways). Unlike Lesley, who is sure to hit the target. The target we are looking for needs to get crowd control so that it doesn’t miss when fired with skill 3. Also Read: Strengths And Weaknesses Of Guinevere Mobile Legends


Granger is a shooter who does very large blast damage, but he has a very slow attack speed. So he is very weak when he has to fight other shooters in the late game. Granger has limited bullets or can only fire 6 shots and has a break to fire again.

That is the discussion this time around the strengths and weaknesses of Granger Mobile Legends. Hope it’s useful.

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