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Title: The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends
Link: Hero sniper injured in Mobile Legends

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The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends

The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends

Hero Marksman (MM) in Mobile Legends game is a hero with a long range attack type and has very high physical damage strength, usually as an archer or shooter character relying on basic attacks that combine this with the ability and the ulti And what to note is that the Sagittarius hero is very weak as this type of hero is basically Hp (Healt Point) or Small Blood.

Since the sniper type hero has very weak defense, it is better not to play alone and must be covered with a tank or fighter type hero, in Mobile Legends there are many options for sniper type heroes, there are old heroes and new heroes. Some are rarely used and there are almost all of our games that match the hero, in addition to choosing a build that suits the hero we are using, it can’t hurt to choose a hero who by default has the most painful and deadly attack .

In this article, the administrator is going to recommend some of the Worst Marksman Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game and maybe one of them is your favorite hero.


The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends

Hero Lesley is a sniper hero who uses a rifle as a weapon. At the start of his appearance, Hero Lesley had become a banned subscription in draft pick mode because Lesley is still a new hero who is OP (Over Power) and is now in Nerf. Even in Nerf, Hero Lesley is still a creepy hero for his opponents.

Lesley’s painful and fatal attack is a combination of a basic attack and skill 1 Master of DisguiseLesley can camouflage or become a shadow for 3 seconds and increase movement speed by 30% with a physical attack of 50. Skill 1’s cooldown is only 5 seconds, so we won’t have to wait long to add the physical damage that Basic does to attacks.


    The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends

    Hero Irithel is the most feared hero compared to other sniper heroes. Not only does Irethel do a fairly large amount of physical damage, but can also attack while moving and the attack will automatically hit the enemy if they are still in range. In contrast to other sniper heroes, who take a break when attacking while moving, it is also different from Kimmy, who has to direct the opponent’s attack even though he can move.

    Hero Irithel’s most glaring attack is an automatic attack combined with Skill 3 or Ulti Heavy crossbow, he jumps in the targeted direction has an additional 10% physical damage for 15 seconds with a 36 second cooldown. By acting Ulti Heavy Crossbow for 15 seconds, the cooldown feels faster and players can save it as many times as possible without using it.


    The painful sniper hero in Mobile Legends

    Miya is the oldest hero and one of the heroes who became the icon of Mobile Legends game, in addition to being easy to use, Miya’s hero is the most feared by opponents in the late game, despite not having that much damage. but Miya has exceptional attack speed, so Miya’s attacks hurt and it is very easy to take down his opponents.

    Miya’s Sick Attack is from Skill 1 Split shot which is combined with Basic Attack makes Miya’s arrow fork and adds Physical Attack with 105% physical damage and 30% other targets to the main target for 4 seconds.

    This is the article on the sickest sniper hero in Mobile Legends

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