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The Painful Khaleed emblem and construction set 2021

Cocopins – Set Emblem and Build Hero Khaleed Hurts. Mobile Legends has brought back a new hero with a fighter role.

This hero has the ability that not all fighters have, which is the ability to rain. Now for you fighter users, a new meta is sure to be created with this new hero. We can only have Khaleed with 32,000 BP.

Khaleed does significant damage in the early game and mid-game, but the damage is less pronounced in the late game. Hence, you need to be able to control the situation so as not to step into the late game.

There are several things to keep in mind while using Hero Khaleed.

  1. Passive skills,
  2. When Desert Power Khaleed is full he will stand on the sand and gain 25% movement speed and increase the next physical attack by 160% total physical ATK (cannot be critical). Please note that enemies near the sand wave will be slowed by 25% of their movement speed if it is not attacking.

  3. Desert tornado/ Skills 1,
  4. When he twists his sword, he inflicts 250 + 120% total physical ATK to nearby enemies. When it hits an enemy, they can repeat this skill a maximum of three times, and each stack increases damage by 20% (dealing 50% damage to minions).

    Please note that Skill 1 does not issue physical life theft, but a magic vampire, so the appropriate item is the bloodlust ax

  5. Quicksand protection/ Skill 2,
  6. He protects himself with the power of quicksand and restores 60 + 5% of his lost HP and gains 10 desert power every 0.5s and reduces 50% of the enemy damage to 4s as long as skill 2 active quicksand appears, which causes 60%. slow effect on the opponent. So this is suitable for those of you who are exposed to a lot of damage from enemies during the war to activate this skill as a defense (this skill can be crowd control)

  7. Raging sandstorm/ Skills 3,
  8. Khaleed summons sandstorm and runs towards the designated location, receiving immunity from crowd control for the duration. Deals 150 (+ 80% total physical ATK) damage to enemies along the way and pushes them. After Khaleed completes the target, he inflicts 500 (+160 total physical ATK) on enemies in the area and causes a 1 second stun effect.

Emblem and construction hero Khaleed Hurt

I’m just trying to do my best for the emblem set and build itself.

If you have your own way of setting up emblem sets and builds, I don’t recommend this.

But if you really want to try Build Hero Khaleed and the emblem I made myself, please give it a try. This is Khaleed’s emblem that matches his ability.

Fighter emblem

This is the emblem that best suits Khaleed. Because by using this emblem Khaleed receives +28 Physical ATK, +8 Physical Defense, +8 Magic Defense, +11 Physical Pen, +273 HP and + 8% Spell Vamp from the Festival of Blood.

If you kill your opponent, you will get 1% additional spell vampire, maximum 12%, which means that you can only get 20% additional spell vampire from this emblem set. Of course, you must have a MAX level fighter emblem to receive this benefit!

Assassin emblem

For Emblem Assassin himself, this is best suited for Khaleed as he can gain +15 Physical ATK, +15.5 Physical Pen, +5 Cooldown Reduction, + 3.5% Critical Chance, + 8% Movement Speed, + 3% Spell Vampire.

By using Killing Spree you get 15% HP when you kill an enemy and increase your movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Well, for the build itself, you can mimick the build below.

Khaleed normal structure

This is a normal build that is often used by fighters who have a fairly large spell vamp like Thamuz, Alpha, Terizla, Dyrroth, Leomord, Martis, Ruby, Lapu-Lapu, Balmond.

Even Khaleed’s build is almost identical to Fanny’s build when using warrior boots

Build damage + tanks

Since Khaleed has a fairly large spell vamp, he can stay on his trail without having to call himself back to base, making him one of the heroes Balmond can compare to.

In other words, if Balmond’s physique is Khaleed’s, he has enough defense to withstand the opponent’s attack.

Plus, with the addition of the Cursed Helmet, he’ll get rid of the minions faster

Build full damage

This build is not recommended as this build does not have enough physical and magical defenses. However, this Khaleed Hero build can cause the enemy to lose a lot of blood if you only use Skill 1.

Declaration of important items for Hero Khaleed

The important item that Khaleed must have is Bloodlust ax. because magic vampire is activated when desert tornado (skill 1) and raging sandstorm (ultimate) are used. Add more Queen’s wing to reduce the damage by 50% when the blood is less than 40%.

other than that Queen’s wing also has a 30% physical lifesteal effect that can be used.

Blade of Despair become an item to increase damage and immortality which gives a chance to recover. In other words, this item is very useful for mid or late game.

Raptor machete also no less important because this one item can help Khaleed Farming faster, as it deals 30% extra damage to jungle monsters and adds 30% extra exp when killing jungle monsters

This is the build of Hero Khaleed and the sickest emblem set in Mobile Legends by Cocopins to emulate. If you think this build is unsuitable, you can do it yourself and don’t forget to always check out this blog. Because there will be a lot more interesting information about mobile games! Stay tuned yeah !!

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