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Title: The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends
Link: The sick hero fighter in Mobile Legends

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The sick hero fighter in Mobile Legends

The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends game is a MOBA game (Multiplayer online battle arena), which so far has featured more than 70 heroes with different characters and hero types, such as tanks, fighters, snipers, magicians, and supporters.

Fighter-type fighters are melee heroes because they rely on the strength of physical attacks and automatic attacks. Fighter Heroes generally have attacks that are not as deadly as Assassin-Type Heroes and don’t have as strong defenses as Tank Heroes, but Fighter-Type Heroes are very weak.

In addition to Moonton’s tips, the hero with the fighter type will be more effective when playing in the jungle Mobility for the team while playing the following are recommendations for several Heroes The Sick Fighter in the Mobile Legends game and maybe one of them is your favorite hero .

  • Sun
The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends

Sun’s story in Mobile Legends game is quite complicated, so far Sun 2 has made changes to the skill updates. clone or double his body for an additional 60% damage.

Thanks to this additional damage, any opponent he faces is knocked out and given a very painful blow. Sun is also effectively used to play solo and quickly destroy towers with the help of his clones.

    • Aldous
    The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends

    Hero Aldous is one of the Draft Pick mode subscription heroes because he is famous for a hit-This is a fatal blow to the enemy, but it must be combined with Aldous’s ability, the Ultimate Ability. Contract: Fate case which can make him see the location and then the opponent’s cell phone turns into a torpedo Last blow Aldous.

    It should be noted that without Skill One (Last Hit) Hero Aldous is nothing, but when an Aldous Skill hits the opponent it hurts a lot, especially Last Hits has a very fast cooldown, so the hit becomes more painful.

    • Zilong
    The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends

    Although Zilong is a free hero and the oldest hero in the Mobile Legends game, Zilong is not to be underestimated, in addition to being a fighter, Zilong can also be used as an assassin and thanks to a number of skills he has Zilong attacks are very painful, suitable for opponents, who have blood, catch, soft like Assassin or Marksman.

    By employing an agile enemy Zilong hero like Lancelot or Fanny, they cannot escape the attack, so Zilong still uses him even though he is in the upper tier, such as in draft pick mode.

    • Martis
    The painful hero fighter in Mobile Legends

    Thanks to Skill One Ashura aura to collect enemies and second ability Mortal shell to attack the enemy many times quickly and make Martis immune to any effect, Martis has the right to be called one of the Painful Hero Fighters as his attack is perfect and cannot be broken by any hero.

    Due to the increasing number of new Fighter Heroes who are of course still OP, Hero Martis rarely uses it.

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