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The newest Christmas skin from Fanny Mobile Legends!

Android31 – Mobile Legends always offers its heroes new skins at every event. The newest skin this time belongs to Fanny Mobile Legends. This skin will be released next month at the Christmas event entitled “Christmas Carnival”, This skin was specially made by Moonton for this beautiful hero. As for the heroes who previously received the latest skins like Claude, Miya, Lancelot and Odette.

Quote from one of the Mobile Legends leakers Dafri X KunShe found an artwork of Fanny’s new skin, in this skin Fanny wears a green coat with a bow and a mini skirt, which makes this heroine very cute.

I can’t write any more, as there are still many unknowns about Fanny’s new skin, how much does it cost? and the exact date of publication. Let’s wait together for Moonton to provide information about the leak. But if you look at the prices of the previous skins, the price for this skin is likely 750 diamonds, like other Christmas skins for cell phone legends.

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