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The Most Continuous Meta Tank Auto Win – The recommended build for the sickest jawhead 2021 with the most powerful item for the most seditious meta-tank in the land of dawn. Guaranteed car win!

Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, until 2021. Featuring the 5v5 teamfight genre, this game features intense action-action that is very difficult to leave.

In this game you can choose any role you want. If you have the soul of a leader, tanks are your best bet. If you are an initiator, Fighter and Magician is the best answer. If you’re an executor, assassins and snipers are the right choices. But if you want to stay behind, support is who you really are.

Finding Mabar friends is of course not difficult. Wherever you are, you can find people playing Mobile Legends games. It’s not difficult to find Mabar friends, just not a newbie, you can join mabar in any squad.

There is one important note, however. To be a pro, you shouldn’t be a burden on the team. You still have to master all of the roles available in Mobile Legends, namely tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and supporters.

Build Jawhead Sick 2021

Build Jawhead Sick 2021

One of the strongest heroes in the Land of Down right now is Jawhead. Jawhead himself is a fighter hero who can fill two roles at the same time, namely fighter and tank. Jawhead loves to play because of his strong defense and mobility.

In the early game, Jawhead tanks can even use their rocket power to steal enemy red buffs. The second ability is very much feared by the enemy as it can be used to instantly kidnap the enemy.

Banned many times since Mobile Legends opened, this hero is very famous for his annoying skills and is played by professional players in Mobile Legends. Even so, if Jawhead loses his ultimate, Jawhead is very prone to death because his ultimate is the most valuable ability in the Land of Dawn at the moment.

Courage mask

Courage mask

This item must be used by tanks or supporters who like to accompany the core during farm fun. Not only does this item provide an additional +25 movement speed, but it also comes with active abilities that can be used at any time. When the active skill is used, teammates in the same area will gain 30% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Robust boots

Robust boots

Mage is very popular with a lot of gamers, including Mimin herself, you know! Mages are known not only for serious damage, but also for their good crowd control skills. Sturdy boots are a great shoe against magicians. In addition to magical defense, these shoes can also reduce the crowd control effect by 30%.

Brute force breastplate

Brute force breastplate

This item isn’t just about defense, Brute Force Chestplate gives you 3% movement speed accompanied by additional physical and magical defense that lasts 4 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 times.

Athena’s shield

Athena's shield

If your opponent has very pathological magical damage, be sure to purchase this item. Athena’s shield can reduce magic damage done by the enemy by 25% for five seconds. If the blood is less than 10%, you will be given an extra shield that will protect you from enemy attacks.



As the name suggests, this article will make you immortal. Uh, but that’s not the effect, this item makes a dead hero come back to life with a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage depending on the hero level. Better still, Immortal sometimes makes the enemy hesitate to kill us because we still have a substitute life.

Queen’s Swing

Swings of the Queen

Items that can be labeled anti-assassin defense items are very worthwhile indeed. If your blood is below 40%, the damage taken is also reduced by 40%. Skill-dependent assassins will have a hard time killing you this way!

Jaw Pain Charm and Emblem 2021

Spells and emblems also have a huge impact on the gameplay you play. Especially during the early game as you gain bonus skills and power by using certain spells or emblems.

Good spells and emblems help Jawheads mobility, especially when it comes to farming and rioting in the opponent’s jungle.

Jaw head magic

When talking about the Jawhead support tank meta, the spell is appropriate flicker. This spell is very suitable to be used by Jawhead not to run away from the opponent, but to kidnap the opponent’s core hero who is in the back line. With the skill combo 2 that he has, Jawhead can kidnap and throw the opponent’s core to knock him down with friends.

Jaw head emblem

There are actually two emblems that Jawhead can use as a hero mage in Mid Lane, namely the combat effects support emblem Focus mark (which is combined with agility + recovery) and support cooldown, which can reduce the decay effect of jawbone abilities. In addition, a sign is given to the enemy attacked. If you keep attacking the hero, the damage done will increase.

Mandible Head Capability 2021

  • Passive Skill (Mecha Suppression): When Jawhead deals damage to the enemy, Jawhead gains a Meccha Suppression that can stack 10 times and increases its base attack.
  • First Skill (Smart Missile): Jawhead continuously fires missiles for 5 seconds. Any resulting attack deals physical damage.
  • Second ability (ejector): Jaw head gains additional movement speed and a shield. When this skill is used again, Jawhead can throw friends or foes in the specified direction. The thrown enemy is hit by a recoil effect.
  • Ultimate Ability (Unstoppable Power): Jawhead slides towards the enemy, causing a stun effect that is accompanied by great physical damage.

Opposite jaw head 2021

Jawhead’s counterattack is actually not far from being a mage with crowd control effects and a shooter with DPS skills in the late game. If there is only one side hero, it doesn’t matter. But when the opponent has a lot of side heroes, Jawhead is naturally exhausted, especially in the late game when the opponent’s hard carry can cause a lot of damage.

The last word

That’s the article on the Jawhead build 2021 that can be used as both a prop and a tank in Mid Lane. In addition to being sick and agile, this hero is very fat especially when using recommended items used by professional gamer mobile legends.

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