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The Mobile Legends tournament is now officially shown on the Likee application Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

Joy Qiao, Head of Operations at Likee Indonesia, said the company has officially become one of the top clan partners in broadcasting the MOBA game game.

“So far, the live broadcast [turnamen Mobile Legends] attracted the attention of a total of 42,000 viewers on Likee with great enthusiasm to support his favorite team.

He also stated that this collaboration opportunity is a great opportunity for their short video platform to introduce more people to the gaming and esports industry.

“We understand that a lot of Likee users also love games, that is, creating content and maybe wanting to become a professional gamer. Hopefully this collaboration will bring them closer together and increase their enthusiasm for the pursuit of their goals, “he said.

Wang Jie, representative of Top Clans Esports, said the reason for working together was because they saw the great excitement of the fans who were watching the MLBB tournament through the Likee application and also through the challenges being conducted.

“We’re optimistic that working with a short video creation platform can inspire more young people looking to get into the world of esports and gaming,” he said.

In his opinion, Likee’s collaboration with Top Clans is proof that the short video platform is an important partner for various industries, including the games industry.

The reason is to use the live streaming feature to broadcast the latest live broadcasts including tournaments E-sports, Short video creation platforms can be a useful place to entertain and connect people and other users with the team E-sports and his favorite games.

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