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The latest mobile legend terms and meanings

Mobile Legends vocabularyMeaning of the word mobile legenddurabilityThe power of mobile legendary heroesoffenseAttack power of mobile legend heroesLegendaryKill 8+ kills without death in mobile legendsFirst bloodGet the first kill at the start of the game on mobile legendsdouble killMake the second kill against the opponent’s hero in mobile legendsTriple killingMake the third kill against the opponent’s hero in mobile legendsSagittarius Kind of a hero in mobile legendstankKind of a hero in mobile legendsfighterKind of a hero in mobile legendsAssassinKind of a hero in mobile legendsmagicianKind of a hero in mobile legendssupportKind of a hero in mobile legendsShock towerAttack the tower firstCurrentThe term tower defense in the legend of cell phonespolishingKill monster activities to get levels and points in the game Adjacent laneTop and Bottom Lane Attack in Mobile LegendsDefeatedLose the Mobile Legends MatchIndividuallyInvite 1 to 1 to mobile legendswildKill 5 enemies quickly without dyingExtinguishedEnemies die quicklyStart attackAn invitation to attack Initiate retreatAn invitation to withdraw Request backupAn invitation to collect (lots of enemies, ask for help)Everything has killed the LordTeam or enemy killed LordAttack speedAttack speed Physical attackAttack strengthPhysical PENTo reduce the enemy’s hero defense when the enemy attacksPhysical defenseTo reduce the enemy’s attack power when attackingWhere is rainUsed to add manaWhereUsed to spend hero skills (a type of chakra in the Naruto game)HP regenerationIncrease the hero’s blood amountnumbAn ability used to immobilize the target for a short period of timeMrA monster with lots of blood and attack damageInsanekill 4 enemies quickly without deathemblemAn item used to increase damage, attack speed, HP regeneration and othersMVPA player who performs the most attacks (kill, attack tower, and damage)

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