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The Latest Build Mathilda Hero Mobile Legend !!

Mathilda is the latest Mobile Legend hero to be claimed for free in the Blazing West event on December 12, 2021.

This newest hero in Mobile Legends is the first hero to be dual supporter / assassin. You can check out Mathilda’s skills in the game for yourself. For the emblem, you can use the support emblem with the third talent focus mark, which can cause additional damage. Then for the battle spell it is highly recommended to use aegis Yet Carry out.

Here are the articles:

1. Demon shoes

Demon Shoes can add +40 movement speed stats and +30 mana regeneration for Mathilda.

2. Glowing wand

This item has +75 Magical Power, +400 HP and + 5% Movement Speed. Glowing Wand has a unique passive ability where the damaging skill burns the enemy target for 3 seconds and deals 1% of the target’s maximum HP as magic damage per second.

3. Genius wand

The Genius wand has +75 magical power and + 5% movement speed as well as a unique passive +15 magical PEN. There is a passive effect when Mathilda deals damage that can reduce the opponent’s magic defense by 3 – 10 and last for 2 seconds. Of course, this item is very useful against heroes who have Magical Defense.

4. Frozen wand

This item has attributes in the form of +75 magic power, 10% spell vampire, +150 mana and + 7% movement speed. When the Mathilda skill we are using hits the opponent, it comes out a passive ability called Ice Bound, where this passive ability can result in reducing the target opponent’s movement speed by 15%, which takes 3 seconds can and can be stacked 2 times.

5. Holy crystal

This item has +90 Magical Power and unique passive + 25% Magical Power. There is a passive ability in this item called Annihilation that can add 15% magic power when a skill attack hits the target. Exterminating can take 3 seconds or until the skill is next used and has a 10 second cooldown.

6. Blood wings

The last item you can use is Blood Wings, which can add +150 Magic Power and +500 HP. Also, Blood Wings can increase 1.5 HP for each increase in magical power by 1.

So that was the discussion about Mathilda’s build. Wait for more information on the latest Mobile Legend.

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