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The date when the Free Fire Rank was reset in Season 15 – Hello survivors! What is the date to reset the Free Fire Rank in Season 15? Let’s check your ranking position in the new season.

It doesn’t feel like this season has passed that quickly, there will be a new season in the next few days. What successes have you achieved this season? Have you arrived at GrandMaster or have you just arrived at Diamond?

That’s okay. Even if you haven’t had the best results this season, you can still fight your way back next season.

But when does the Free Fire Rank reset take effect in Season 15? You have to be very enthusiastic. Mimin understands why, his name also wants to get an award, so of course you are thrilled.

The date to reset the free fire rank in season 15

Reset rank Free Fire Season 15

As you can see, this season ends on June 26, 2021 Future. Of course, that means we’ll meet a new season soon, yes!

Adjustment of the free fire rank (decrease)

In addition to changing seasons, you will also experience level or rank adjustments in the Free Fire game. But don’t worry, to make up for that season’s reset, a gift from Garena Free Fire usually follows. Aside from adding to your collection, you can also create a Gold Spin Royale!

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Then where is your Rank and Rank Point after the Season Update goes into effect? Let’s review the information below!

  • Bronze 1 – 3 to Bronze 1 (point 1000)
  • Silver 1 – 2 to Bronze 1 (point 1175)
  • Gold 1 – 3 becomes silver 1 (point 1350)
  • Platinum 1 – 4 to Silver 2 (point 1500)
  • Diamonds 1 – 4 to gold 1
  • Master of Gold 2
  • Top 300 to Gold 2

This is the point change you will see when the season is reset. But don’t worry, this rank adjustment allows you to play more bars than if you had to stay at the GrandMaster level.

That’s the information I can share. Through this article, I hope you know when the Free Fire Rank Reset date will be in Season 15. Not only that, but you’ll also know what your current rank will be after the season reset goes into effect.

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