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The cheapest, most trusted place to buy and sell FF Sultan accounts on Instagram – Find recommendations for stores to buy and sell Sultan’s Free Fire (ff) accounts at the cheapest, most trusted prices on Instagram. There are lots of Elite Pass Season 1 and 2 accounts out there, you know!

As the number 1 game on the Google Play Store, buying and selling Free Fire accounts is inevitable. The price varies from 25,000 to 5 million and more (like the ff-Sultan account bought by Jess No Limit).

But where is the best place to buy an ff-Sultan account?

Unexpectedly it turns out Instagram is still the most popular medium for buying and selling free Fire accounts.

Even though there is no guarantee that transactions made on Instagram will be fraud-free. I personally recommend buying an account through an online store like Buyers and Tokopedia which is definitely safe and legal.

However, there are some tips on buying a Fire Sultan free account on Instagram so you don’t get scammed. First, ask the seller to open a new booth on Shopee or Tokopedia so they don’t get scammed.

Second, if you can’t, ask to use a trusted rekber (shared account). Third, pay attention to the number of followers and comments on each post. If it’s quiet, don’t try.

Fourth, ask for the seller’s account number (not a GOPAY, Dana, or OVO number). Check the account number below to find out the seller’s real name and transaction history, regardless of whether they committed a scam or not.

Free Fire Sultan Account Store on Instagram

According to our observations, there are several Instagram accounts that are suitable for buying and selling Sultan accounts. Buy as safely as possible, friend, don’t be seduced by cheap prices and then fooled by the seller.


We are not paid by the Instagram admin at all. This content is created for the needs of readers only. We cannot guarantee that these accounts will be trustworthy in the future. To be more secure, we recommend using third-party services like Buyers and Tokopedia so that transactions are fraud free.

Below is a list of recommendations:


The first recommendation is an Instagram account with the username @dim_allshop, which already offers pulber and rekber services with a total of 145 thousand followers. Make sure the username is not wrong as there are a lot of fraudulent accounts using this username!

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This account is pretty active with lots of posts and lots of comments. I can’t make sure this account is 100% secure, but it’s really worth trying out.


I have known this Instagram account with the username @oxtshop for a long time. Currently, his followers have also reached 179,000 followers. Of course it’s not a small number, brother!

Unfortunately the account is currently private, I don’t know why. To see the price list you must first follow this account.

It could be that this account is private to avoid cloning a fraudulent account, friend! Avoid scammers, you are not wrong entering username friend.


Just like oxtshop, the Instagram account @andimuji_shop has quite a lot of followers, namely 61 thousand followers. At the time of this writing, the @andimuji_shop account was also private considering there were many clone accounts under the name @andimuji_shop.

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Be careful when choosing the right account, friend!

@ yantiii19

Next comes the Instagram account with the username @ yantiii19 with a follower number of 53 thousand followers.

In addition to selling accounts, this shop also provides top-up services with a large number of commentators. Again, the administrator cannot guarantee 100% security, but you can of course try to buy an ff account here.


Just like the previous account, this account with the username @ sells many free Fire Sultan accounts at the lowest prices. The number of followers also reaches 45,000 followers.

His Instagram account is quite active and regularly provides the latest posts. Again, the administrator cannot guarantee 100% security, but it’s still worth a try.


We are not responsible if the above Instagram account is fraudulent at any time. if you feel hurt of the account, please contact the author at the email address provided and we will remove him from the recommendation list.

That’s the article about a list of recommended places or stores to buy and sell Sultan’s Free Fire (ff) accounts at cheap and reliable prices on IG.

Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to contact the admin if you have a shop recommendation for buying and selling the best ff account on your Instagram version! If it meets our criteria, the admin will create a new post for the next part.

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