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The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 13, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

Cecepkocep – Tank is a tank role that must be present in every Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Without a tank hero, the chances of our team winning the game are very slim. Because in my opinion a tank is very important in every team.

The main function of the tank is as a shield for the team. There are at least 2 functions of tanks in a team, the first is to protect the enemy’s carry hero and the second is to disrupt the enemy’s carry hero so as not to damage our team’s carry hero . Tips on how to be a good and correct tank can be read here.

Out of the many tank heroes in Mobile Legends, there are at least 5 of the best heroes to use in Season 13. These five heroes are very effective for use in Season 13, and these five heroes are also often used in the Mytic tier and various Mobile Legends tournaments. Hero but what do i mean? Let’s watch the discussion below.

1 # Grock

The best tank hero in season 13 is Grock. In the last few seasons he has always been a selected subscription to Mobile Legends. It is a very tough tank as it has the ability to increase armor and magic resource when it is near a wall or tower. And what Grock is most afraid of is that he can do tremendous damage with his first and third abilities, and at the start of the game, the damage he does to the enemy’s carry hero is huge. This ability is also very good for helping the team carry hero farms.

The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

In addition, Grock also has very good immunity. He can be immune to all enemy crowd control effects as long as he charges skill 1 near the tower. That way, he’s very tanky in war. In addition, he also has high movement speed when the attack skill 1 is near the tower.Also read:5 Best Mage Mobile Legends Season 13, All are very OP to use

Grock professionals:

  • Huge damage,
  • have a very high endurance or durability,
  • Immune to crowd control,
  • High speed of movement and
  • Regeneration with high HP

Grock’s weaknesses:

  • Skill 1 is difficult to use properly
  • Which is very wasteful.

You can see a full discussion on how to play Grock here.

2 # Minotaur

The best tank hero in season 13 is the Minotaur. After a revision a few seasons ago, the Minotaur is popular again with gamers. It is often used in Mytic Rank and Mobile Legends tournaments. This hero is very difficult indeed, and very difficult to kill.

The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

One of the main skills of this Minotaur is the crowd control effect, which is planar and has a long duration. That way, this hero is the best crowd controller for the team and can be a very good initiator. Then the Minotaur with its second ability also has a very good HP regeneration which makes killing very difficult.

However, the Minotaur’s gameplay is a tug of war as we have to wait until the rage he has is full to go into team fights or war. Because when his anger is full, his stamina becomes even greater, so it is very difficult to kill him, then he can spend a crowd control area where the enemy will be hit by a thrust effect.

Minotaur advantages:

  • no waste,
  • Has great endurance,
  • Very high HP regeneration,
  • Have a crowd control area.

Minotaur weakness

  • Depending on the anger
  • Have no ability to escape,
  • It’s easy to get hit

3 # Belerick

Even though it’s just been reworked, this belerick is still good to use in season 11. The only rework is to swap Skill 1 for Skill 2. The skill is still the same as before. One of the main advantages of Belerick is that it has great damage reduction when he uses his ultimate, so it will be difficult to kill. Then this skill also reduces teammates who are in this skill area. So that Belerick can also offer damage reduction to his teammates.

The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

Another ability Belerick has is his passive, which can do tremendous damage. The greater the damage inflicted on the enemy, the greater the damage Belerick reflects on the enemy. Another benefit of this belerick is very high HP regeneration, making it thicker and harder to kill. In addition, he also has crowd control in the form of immobilizing so that the enemy cannot move.

Advantages of Belerick:

  • High late game damage,
  • high HP and HP regeneration,
  • Has high damage reduction,
  • Have control over the crowd,
  • Tank warfare is very effective.

Belerick’s weaknesses:

  • wasteful where
  • Weak in the early game
  • Have no ability to escape,
  • Easy to thank.

4 # Akai

Akai is still a tank to be reckoned with in Season 13. This cute panda is a very terrible tank indeed with its hurricane dance ability. This skill makes it very easy to lock the movement of any of the enemy heroes by attaching it to the tower or wall. In this case, the target cannot move while this skill is still active. This ability can also help our team that is hit by a gang as it can push the target as far as possible.

The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

Then Akai also has a very high durability thanks to its passive abilities. He gains a shield after removing his active skill. Then he also has very high HP, and the damage he does is also very great. The combination of Skill 2, Skill 1 and Ultimate is terrible and can make it very difficult for opponents to escape.

Akai Benefits:

  • Have crowd control,
  • Can kidnap enemies
  • Got high HP and a shield
  • Have illness,
  • have an ability to escape,
  • It’s not easy to get hit.

Akai’s weaknesses:

  • Wasteful mana
  • Skill 3 is difficult to control and
  • Weak in the early game.

5 # Gatotkaca

The tank, which is derived from the name of the Indonesian hero, is still suitable for use in season 13 and is still the best tank. This Gatotkaca has very high armor, so it will not be easy to be killed by physical heroes. The more he is attacked, the bigger his armor becomes. In addition, the second skill is very annoying as it can “force” the target to attack with a simple attack. In addition, this skill also deals very high damage.

The 5 best tanks in Mobile Legends Season 12, suitable for the push rank up to Mytic

Another ability Gatotkaca has is that he can regenerate HP every time he is attacked. That will make it difficult for the enemy to kill him. In addition, the ultimate skill can give enemies in this skill area a blast effect. In addition, this ability can be used from a considerable distance.

Gatotkaca benefits:

  • Very high armor,
  • high HP regeneration,
  • have a crowd control area,
  • Have the ability to escape

Gatotkaca’s weaknesses:

  • wasteful where
  • Skill 3 is often missing and
  • Weak against magical heroes.

These are the 5 best heroes to use very well in Season 13 of Mobile Legends. Indeed, all tank heroes are good depending on you as the driver. But with these five heroes, you can win the game very easily. Good luck and thank you.

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