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The 2 best attachments for PUBG Mobile and PC M416 weapons

The 2 best attachments for PUBG Mobile and PC M416 weapons

Cecepkocep – Choosing a weapon is not easy when playing PUBG Mobile or PC. Unless you’re using Assault Riffle (AR) weapons or assault rifles like the M416, you’ll get annoyed as enemies will be difficult to face later in the game. There are a lot of AR weapons out there too, so it will confuse us because we don’t know which weapon is right for us.

After choosing a weapon, the next problem is the confusion in choosing attachments. Especially when the gun you are using is M416 because of its great flexibility. Hence, in this article, I am going to discuss the best attachments for the M416. Let’s check out the review below.

M416 attachment for close range

M416 is an AR weapon with good flexibility so we can choose the attachment that suits our needs. We can make this M416 as a medium range weapon and use the single mode. To make it a scary medium range weapon we can use 3 attachments that will be used. Here are the three appendices.

1 # riflescope 4x or 6x

If you want to use this M416 as a medium-range weapon, you will of course use this weapon for battles at a distance of over 100 meters. Hence, Scope is a mandatory attachment that you must have. At least you have to use a 4x rifle scope, you can still use a 6x rifle scope, the rifle scope is also flexible and can be used as a 3x rifle scope.

2 # Vertical foregrip or thumb grip

Since we will use this M416 as a medium-range weapon, we will of course type more often than spray or shoot blindly. For this reason, the vertical foregrip is very important so that the weapons we use don’t stomp too hard.

If we actually can’t find the vertical foregrip, we can use the thumb grip. Both attachments equally reduce the effect of vertical recoil or upward recoil by compensating for the increase in horizontal recoil and recoil recovery time.

3 # Flash Hider or Suppressor

Since the M416 is also a long-range weapon, it is of course very important to us to make it quieter. For this we need Flash Hider or Suppressor. Flash Hider makes the flash of light from the muzzle invisible, making it difficult for enemies to find us. While the suppressor serves to dampen the sound of gunshots, making it difficult for the enemy to find the source of our gunshots from the noise.

If you can find another attachment that can complement the M416, just use it. But it would be better to use the three attachments above if you want to make it a medium range weapon.

Attachment M416 for near-middle range

The second attachment for the M416 is to make it a close-to-medium range weapon with precise spray. We need 3 attachments for the M416 to become such an AR weapon.

1 # red dot sight / holographic sight or rifle scope 2x

Of course, Red Dot Sight or Holographic Sight must be used so that we can aim at targets more easily. Alternatively, we can spray 2x with Scope at a greater distance, but we have to be careful. Because the recoil of the M416 weapon gets wilder when you use Scope 2x.

2 # Angled fore grip or half grip

For grip problems, you can use one of the two attachments mentioned above. Angled Grip is perfect for those of you who love to spray bullets until they’re all gone. While the Half-Grip is perfect for those of you who like the style of shooting 5 to 7 bursts in one shot.

3 # compensator

Using the compensator will make the weapon you use more stable and less wobbly when fired. If you want to use the M416 gun for spraying, it will be better if we can find the Ext attachment. Quickdraw magazine and tactical stock.

Ext. Quickdraw Magazine shortens the reload time and increases the number of bullets from 30 to 40. In the meantime, Tactical Stock will make M416 stable as it can reduce recoil.

This is an attachment to use when using an M416 weapon. The installation method for this attachment is more or less the same for PUBG Mobile and PC. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles.

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