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Take a look at the leaks from the new Genshin Impact characters, who are they?, JAKARTA – The new character from Genshin Impact leaked to the public and shocked the game’s players Free-to-play action the rollplay.

Quoted via Twitter account @WangshengFP, there is a leak Moon hunt cutscene from the game that shows the existence of two new characters from this game by the developer miHoYo.

Be known, Cutscene in video games are scenes that develop the plot and are often shown at the end of certain levels.

In addition, the players in the version 2.1 update were just spoiled by the presence of Raiden Shogun as well as Kokomi, a new character. In the meantime, the new character Yae Miko will appear in v2.2 and supposedly the second banner will be filled by ReRun Childe.

In addition, players from version 2.3 will get the chance to get the character Kamisato Ayato, who is the older brother of Ayaka and Arataki Itto.

In version 2.4, however, players will switch to Liyue and the presence of two other characters, including Yelan and Yunjin. In the meantime, Yunjin, there has been one leaked change so far that Yunjin is not a geo-element character like the previous one.

Meanwhile, Yelan’s character is a character that has the same design as Fuhua, who is a character in Honkai Impact, where this character is believed to be an important character in the Guhua clan, just like Xingqiu, or even the leader of the Clan now unknown to its existence.

For information, the name of Fu Hua himself is already in Honkai Impact 3approx That’s why miHoYo changed its name to Yelan.

Check out the selected videos below:

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