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Stay clear How to increase the resolution of photos and images without breaking them

Are you looking for ways to increase the resolution of photos / images without breaking? If so then your decision to stop at this website is the right action.

I am sure that photos or pictures to this day still deserve to be called the best medium used by all people to capture unforgettable moments.

Quite often, when we are far from someone, photos can be a means of treating homesickness when the heart is in doubt. But one thing we cannot deny is that photos of past memories that are immortalized in the memory are sometimes of very poor quality.

Indeed, this is inextricably linked to the device that is used in the recording process. We know that in the past only professionals had cameras with dozens of sophisticated cameras. The rest?

…. just an ordinary camera of ordinary quality

In this post, IDKurir is helping those of you who are looking for ways to increase the resolution of the photo without compromising the quality. That is real!

So for those of you who have a collection of photos that are small in size followed by poor quality and who intend to increase the resolution without sacrificing quality. Now you don’t have to be sad anymore.

You don’t have to use different software like Photoshop or Corel Draw which are known to be complicated as there are currently tools online that can help you double the quality of your photos.

Multiply? I didn’t hear wrong? Is it possible?

To be allowed to! You haven’t heard wrong.

Now you can increase the quality of those blurry photos by up to 100% in simple steps. For example, if you have a photo / image with a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels, the quality of your image will increase to 600 x 600 pixels after using this tool. Great isn’t it?

What tools or applications do I need then?

To increase the resolution of the photo, no app required However.

Because now Japan has a great tool that allows you to multiply your photos in simple steps and of course for FREE.

How to increase the resolution of photos and images without breaking with Waifu2x

For those of you who are Japanese anime lovers, you need to be familiar with the word waifu. But don’t get me wrong, the waifu here is not a beautiful anime character as you imagine it to be.

waifu2x is a tool from Japan that is presented on a website that has a very simple user interface so it is very easy to understand how it works.

Fortunately, by using this free magical tool, you no longer have to poke around through various applications that look tedious (for those less skilled) like Photoshop, Corel Draw, and the like.

How to increase photo resolution without breaking

The steps to use waifu2x website tool to improve image quality are as follows:

  • Then, to increase the photo quality with this tool, make sure you have prepared the photo or picture.
  • Open the Waifu2x site from the browser on your laptop, it can be Chrome or Mozilla, huh.

Home page of the Waifu2x website

Can it then be via smartphone? You can too …

  • Please enter photos on your computer / laptop / smartphone using the button Choose file

Choose photo or picture

  • When it is selected, please select the settings you want. My advice, in the Noise Reduction section you can choose Medium, and in the UpScaling section you can choose whatever you want, it can be 2 times or none or 1.6 times the increase.

Click Convert, then click Download

  • After you have set the quality, you can use the button to preview your image Convert and download it using the button Download
  • Then a popup will appear in a new tab showing your picture. So please download ..
  • complete

2021 article updates

Besides Waifu2x, you can also use one of the alternatives we recommend, namely Waifu Booru Pics. So using it exactly the same is even easier. For those who want to try, please use the address below Waifu Booru Pictures

The last word

It turns out to be pretty easy, isn’t it? So now you are no longer confused about wanting to increase the resolution of photos and images without sacrificing photo quality. That’s it for this article and thank you very much.

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