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Stardew Valley - Tricks to Win the Egg Hunt Contest at Egg Festival - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Egg Festival is one of the many exciting events you can take part in in Stardew Valley mobile and PC game. To take part in the festival, you have to come to the village square on the 13th of spring, at exactly 9:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Talk to NPC Lewis to start this Egg Hunt event.

During the festival you will find a small character booth that you can find near the entrance. There strawberry seeds are sold at a price of 100 g and plush rabbit items at a price of 2000 g.

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My advice is to buy as many strawberry seeds as you can and plant them after the festival ends. Strawberry can produce a lot of gold!

When the egg festival ends, you will automatically go home.

Egg hunt at the Stardew Valley Mobile Egg Festival

You only have 50 seconds to find as many eggs as there are randomly scattered around the festival area. You will get a straw hat if you collect a lot of eggs and win the game.

This unique hat is only available once, from now on you will only receive 1000 g gold if you win again.

To win the egg collecting race at the Egg Festival, you must collect at least 9 eggs or more, if less, Abigael will automatically win the race.

If you lose and want to repeat it, please exit the game and reload the save data for today, for the sake of the Keepers.

Route to win the Stardew Valley Egg Hunting Contest

The trick I usually use to win the race is to follow the hunting route above. I guarantee you that in enough time you can collect more than 8 eggs, defeat Abigael and win the game. Thank you for visiting the playgames-id blog.

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