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Sony PS 5 only supports games from Sony PS4

Sony PS 5 has just been released, there are many advantages and disadvantages for PS fans with the look and design of PS 5, at this point PS 5 PO can be (pre-ordered) and supposedly PS 5 can also be used for games from the PS 1 up to the previous series, namely PS 4, but in the latest leak, namely Sony PS 5 can only play games from the previous series, namely PS 4. This news does not come from Sony, but from the leading game developer, Ubisoft.

Sony has been in the games industry for about 26 years, last March Sony announced that the most popular games on PS 4 will be playable on PS 5, but Sony has not released names of games on PS 4 that could be played on PS5.

Unlike Sony’s gaming competitor, the XBox, the XBox X-Series can play games from previous generation consoles, namely Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox titles.

There will be fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft when the next generation of game consoles are released.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S will launch on November 5, priced at $ 299, and the Xbox Series X launch date is November 6, priced at $ 499. The Sony PS5 will be released on November 13th.

November costs $ 399 for the digital-only version, and the regular version with 4K UHD Blu-ray costs $ 499. In this situation, if both giants launch their game consoles at the same time, if real Sony PS 5 no games from PS 1, 2 and 3 then

Sony could cause a slight drop in PS5 sales.

What’s the reaction If this is not a problem for you, choosing the Sony PS 5 as your latest game console, write yes in the comments column.

Source : AndroidInfotech

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