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[SOLVED] How to remove browser virus using CMD

Whatever the reason, virus attacks are something I really hate. As well as transforming a laptop into a hanging and delayViruses often damage various files on our computers.

Not only that, recently viruses have also been created on purpose to infect the browsers we frequently use. The way it works is very simple, namely the redirection / redirection of the browser page to the manufacturer’s page.

The distribution method used is completely sufficient old school namely, tricking users by providing fake download links. If you’ve ever come across a website with such features, it’s best to avoid it.

Please note that there are currently more than 100 viruses spread across the Internet. These include Trojans, FAT, Overwrite, Direct Action and many others. Until now, the virus has been growing and becoming more difficult to anticipate.

In contrast to smartphones, viruses are quite easy to manage on Android. This is inextricably linked to the Android ecosystem, which is closely guarded by Google. Name a few Antivirus app top in the PlayStore, they are used very effectively to protect your smartphone compared to the PC version.

One of the most popular viruses on PC devices is a browser virus. Although it doesn’t damage the data, its presence is quite unsettling to the users. But don’t worry because this time I’m going to teach you how to remove browser viruses from roots.

Curious? Let’s check out the tutorial below.

How to remove the browser virus

  • Look for apps command prompt or cmd on your laptop. Open the application with a right click and select Execute as administrator.
  • After opening cmd, enter the following code:

rd / S / Q “% WinDir% System32 GroupPolicyUsers”

  • Press Enter to continue.
  • Enter the following command again:

rd / S / Q “% WinDir% System32 GroupPolicy”

  • Press Enter to continue.
  • In the last step, please enter the following code again:

gpupdate / force

  • Press Enter and wait a moment for the system to finish updating your computer system.
  • Restart your computer and the browser virus will be gone forever.

Simple, isn’t it? I guarantee this tutorial can quickly remove browser viruses from your computer if done correctly. Personally, I have used this method many times on my client’s laptop who is having problems. Much luck!

The last word

Here’s how to easily remove a browser virus on your computer / laptop. You can use this tutorial in different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and Internet Explorer. Good luck and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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