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[SOLVED] How To Overcome Automatic Repair Could Not Repair Your PC – How to Fix Automatic Repair Failed to Repair Your PC on Windows 10. Proven 100% on all Windows types!

As the newest operating system, Windows 10 is packed with advanced features that can repair itself if the laptop has an error. But sometimes Windows 10 cannot perform repairs on its own and requires additional commands from the user.

When Windows 10 cannot be repaired, it is usually indicated by a message that reads:

Windows 10 Automatic Repair failed to repair your PC

This message appears immediately when we want to turn on the laptop. Besides being annoying to see this notification appear, we cannot operate a laptop or computer normally. Typically, this problem is followed by an indication of the problem being encountered.

Generally, the problem is accompanied by a message that reads:

  • Log file c /Windows/System32/LogFiles/Srt/SrtTrail.txt Windows 10
  • Windows 10 automatic repair failed
  • Bootrec.exe / fixboot access is denied Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Automatic Repair of your PC did not start properly

So how do we solve this problem?

Here’s how to overcome automatic repair easily

Here I am going to explain different tutorials that you can try. But I recommend a tutorial with CMD because it turns out to be more powerful. Here is the guide.

Use CMD in the advanced options

  • click Expanded options on your monitor screen.
  • Select command prompt.

Select prompt

  • Then enter the command below.

bootrec.exe / rebuildbcd

  • Then, press ENTER.
  • Then enter this command as well.

bootrec.exe / fixmbr

  • Then press Enter as well.
  • Enter this command as well.

bootrec.exe / fixboot

  • Then press Enter again.
  • Finally, enter this command

chkdsk / rc:

  • Then reboot and the laptop will be back to normal.

I tried this method several times on the client’s laptop and it turned out to be successful. Make sure you copy the above code correctly so you don’t get the same error.

You also need to be able to tell where the damage has occurred. Usually the error occurs on storage partition C: but if your operating system is on partition D: please change the last command to

chkdsk / rd:


If you’ve used the tutorial above but haven’t finished your auto repair problem, please follow the tutorial below. Just like the previous method, this tutorial continues to use CMD, which you can access by pressing Expanded options and choose command prompt. Then please copy the command below.

copy c: windows system32 config RegBack * c: windows system32 config

Repairing a damaged registry

And as usual, press after entering the command Enter.

The above command is useful for repairing your damaged registry. After the registration is back to normal, repeat the tutorial from above.

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This is the tutorial on how to fix Automatic Repair that Couldn’t Repair Your PC on Windows 10. Hopefully this tutorial works and we’ll see you in the next article.

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