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So you can see the name of the person who saved our photo on IG – Uncover stalker secrets. So you can easily see the names of the people who save our photos on Instagram! Not just for celebrities, this tutorial is also great for anyone curious about someone.

Instagram is one of the social media with the largest number of users in the world. The app was developed as a platform for sharing photos and videos and has successfully generated various business opportunities.

One of the most famous is the emergence of various Instagram artists, or better known as Celebgrams. Selebgram is a character or figure who has a very large number of followers.

As a Celebgram, we are sometimes made curious with various questions, such as whether or not he likes to see my posts or who is the person who likes to save photos on my IG?

Well, if you have the same curiosity, this time I’m going to give a tutorial on how to find out who is storing our photos on Instagram.

How to find out who saved our photos on Instagram

To see the name of the Instagram person who saves our photos, you need to change the Instagram account to a company profile. The method is very simple, you can follow the steps below.

1. Please open profile your Instagram page. Then tap on the options menu in the form of three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the application. Then please click arrangement what is below.

Go to Account Settings

2. Scroll to your screen and select Add a business account then select option Convert existing account.

Create a business account

3. Enter your email address and select Next. Enter the company name with a password. Make sure the name and password match the Instagram account exactly so you don’t get confused!

Email content

4. Connect your Facebook page to this account. Instagram will automatically display the Facebook pages you have created. If not, please create a new one following the instructions. You will receive a greeting to show that your Instagram account has been successfully transferred Instagram account for business. please click complete break up.

Connect account to Facebook page

5. Now select one of the photos you have. Tap Show insights and you will find out who likes to save our photos on Instagram.

See who saved photos on IG

It’s easy to find out who saved our photos on Instagram. All you have to do is convert your Instagram account to a company profile to access the Insights feature. In order for this feature to work normally, you should update it by posting photos or videos after this feature is enabled.

Thank you for reading the article that shows the name of the person who saved our photos on IG. Hopefully this article is successful and useful to all of you.

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