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Title: Simple tips for playing Arena Of Valor (AOV) game – MOBA Game
Link: Simple Tips for Playing Arena Of Valor (AOV) Game – MOBA Game

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Simple tips for playing Arena Of Valor (AOV) game – MOBA Game

Arena of valor or what we know AOV is a MOBA game that is currently trending / popular and is available easily and free of charge from the Google PlayStore (Android) and the AppStore (IOS). The online game has a lot of features, a wide selection of heroes, as well as stunning HD graphics and responsive virtual gamepad controls and a local customer service for complaints.

Functions of the touch button in the game

In the game Arena of valor there are special touch buttons that are easy to use, such as stick buttons for forward, backward, left and right as well as attack buttons or magical abilities. All you have to do is point or scroll with the stick button and use the attack button as well as the skill. When you first step in and are ready to play, you will be given two skills to choose from. Choose a skill that you think is good, and don’t forget to learn the chosen hero’s skill. Click Add to keep your Hero Skill. Use hero skills equally and precisely against enemy heroes and do not use hero skills for creeps unless they press.
Pay attention to the range of the opposing hero before using the skill.

Add hero skills until all three hero skills are unlocked to increase the hero’s defense against enemy attacks. Also increase the hero skill to the max level, but prioritize one skill that will be updated first, then it is up to you which one should be updated first.
The third skill like the picture above is a bit long as it has to collect gold or fees that need to be used. Each hero has different skills. Don’t forget to select the item that appears to the left or right (depending on the setting) next to the small map for the hero you need.

Choosing a good hero

Heroes in the game AOV There are already quite a few new heroes to play with, and you can choose a hero with the character you want. If you don’t have a permanent hero, don’t worry because a Trial or Trial hero will be given and you can use it temporarily. If you are new to the game or are new to the game AOVSo it is not surprising that many players choose Acher’s hero YORN, even Yorn becomes a bone of contention even though you already have him. If your data signal is good, you can go ahead of the others to pick the hero of your choice. In my opinion, choosing a hero is actually not that difficult, even every hero is good for battle as every hero has their own role. What you need to know is which hero to choose? What role does the hero play? Any hero is good and good as long as he knows the position of the hero in battle, which you also use in the application of Arcana customized for your hero. Although each hero has been customized to suit their skills, a small change can make it more satisfying.
There are some tips to play with AOV and can be a recommendation for you.

Things that need to be considered

How to play online games like AOV There are many things that need to be considered and are very important for a smooth game. A little tip for the newbies among you Arena of valor and please take for yourself which part is more useful to you.
This is one thing that needs to be considered when playing the game AOV the following:

  1. Use a Qualified Device: It is highly recommended that you use a device with a high specification. If you are using a smartphone device, you should make sure that it has sufficient RAM capacity with at least 1 GB of RAM or more.
  2. Stable Network: Using a stable network is very good for playing online games smoothly. Use the network provided by your wireless service provider and make sure it is a 3G or 4G / LTE network.
  3. Hero: Choose a hero to rule from the hero character you have chosen. With your friend preceded, you can choose a hero that suits your team’s needs.
  4. Using the cheat function: use the cheat function to communicate with your team and set a strategy against the enemy and try to have only one person on top so that your teammates don’t get confused.
  5. Play with friends: Play with guild friends, FB, or nearby friends that you’ve played with often and that you can rely on.
  6. Applying Arcana: Applying Arcana to heroes must also be considered and there are several Arcana. exists for attack, for HP and for defense. Arcana level 3 is better than level one and two, but the price to be spent is more expensive than both, namely 2000 gold / 1st Arcana.

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