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Title: Simple tips for dealing with Claude
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Simple tips for dealing with Claude

Lately, the appearance of the new archery hero Claude has left us weak to deal with it. For those who love to play Claude they have to have a pretty high level of recklessness as the Ultimate will maximally kill Claude Ckan when used when the enemy is more than 1.

Claude has advantages over other shooters as he has high mobility and, of course, an ability that bothers his opponent. First, let’s discuss the skills of this hero Claude.

+ Claude has Dexter helping him kill his enemies. Though not as painful as the damage done to Claude, Dexter is enough to help Claude kill his enemy. Remember, don’t aim at Dexter, target Claude, hehe

+ Claude’s 1st skill helps him steal the opponent’s movement speed and 10% ATK speed. Of course, it also does harm

+ Claude can leave a tool that can attack and be used to move places. This skill allows Claude to move quickly and is difficult to catch

+ Dexter and Claude blindly attack a certain area with their ultimate ability.

Even if there is a chance that Claude will be nerfed by Moonton, we have yet to understand this Sagittarius hero’s weakness. What do you think is the best way to stop this Claude? ? Let’s discuss together below:

* Claude is a sniper hero with a deadly ultimatum and a large enough area. It takes accuracy to achieve this ultimate goal as Claude must be in a strategic position to flatten the enemy. If you want to compete in the middle lane with him, use a hero with high mobility such as Haya, Harley or other agile heroes

* Claude is sick in the late game, at the beginning of the game the damage that Claude has is still not felt. To slow the level rise, use seditious heroes like Natalia, Grock to steal the opponent’s jungle (Natalia can be relied on for killing enemy mm heroes)

* One of the heroes who can be Claude’s best counterattack is Helcurt. Make sure your team has that one assassin so Claude doesn’t move.

* Claude has low HP, use hero2 locks like sabers to target him first as it is very inconvenient when released.

What do you think ? You can develop your own way or even find another best way to deal with this clause based on your experience and flight hours. Hopefully it can be useful reference material, okay?

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