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Simple! Here's how to permanently delete Facebook account in 2021 – This article describes how to delete a Facebook account with two options, permanently or temporarily deleted.

There are many reasons why you might want to delete your Facebook account. You might be concerned about privacy or annoyed by people in your Facebook circle of friends. But that’s fine, everyone has the right for their own reasons.

Whatever the reason, you can easily delete your Facebook account. Be it permanent or just temporary.

But before! Allow me to give you some advice. Whatever the problem you are facing, sometimes there is no need to rush and know how to delete your Facebook account permanently. By simply deactivating it temporarily, you can use the account at a later time.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account

It should be understood that deleting a Facebook account is a serious decision. If you delete your Facebook account, you could lose friends, job prospects, and other social opportunities.

However, if you really want to delete it, please follow the tutorial below.

1. Please go to the following page to delete Facebook account
2. Choose delete my account keep going.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account

3. Wait 90 days and your account will soon disappear from the Facebook social network.

How to temporarily deactivate the Facebook account

1. Please select menu opportunity (marked with arrows) at the top of your Facebook page.
2. Select menu arrangement.
3. Click on Menu Generally in the left column.
4. Select menu Manage your account and look for opportunities Deactivate your account.

How to delete a temporary Facebook account

If you want to activate your Facebook account, it is very easy to do. You can log in with your fb e-mail address and your password, and your account will then be activated automatically.

Delete or disable, what’s the difference?

There are some differences that you should know about these 2 things if you want to deactivate Facebook account temporarily then:

  • You can reactivate your Facebook account at any time.
  • Other people cannot see your timeline and can search for you in the search menu.
  • You cannot contact other people.
  • Facebook keeps all of your secrets, including photos and status, for use when you’re back on the road.

Fine if you want Clear Facebook account permanently then:

  • You can no longer access your Facebook account.
  • All data about you will be deleted by Facebook until it is cleaned up.
  • Some of the notes you normally take are not deleted by Facebook, you can still access them manually.

Do you understand the difference If your choice is solid, here is a guide on how to permanently or temporarily delete a Facebook account that you can choose.

The last word

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently or Temporarily on Android. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to reconsider your decision so that you don’t regret it in the future.

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