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Shaggy Scooby Doo enters character in Jump Force

Shaggy, has the Saiyan’s ability to defeat his enemies

Can I remember Shaggy’s name? Where Shaggy in the character of Scooby Doo is very shy and has a thin body, he is now a very strong personality.

Previously, a Shaggy meme was circulated that featured the backsound of Goku’s Ultra Instinct song to one of the Scooby Doo cartoon scenes when Shaggy beat up a number of criminals.

As a result of the meme editing, it was previously rumored that Shaggy would participate in the Mortal Kombat game through a petition with more than 370,000 votes but was rejected by the Mortal Kombat developer and now Shaggy is entering the world of Jump Force.

Beatz and Vaanrose are two modders who managed to create the character of Shaggy from the appearance of text and sound in the Jump Force game.

Shaggy has the ability to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. How does it look like? Check out the video here

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