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Sell ​​ML Sultan Account for only 50,000 (Skin Legend, Zodiac, KOF, Harith EVOS) – Selling cheap Legend Sultan mobile accounts is only 50,000. There are Legend Gusion skins, Zodiac skins, KOF skins, and others.

Playing MOBA games is really fun, but the fun can only increase when you have exclusive skins to show off. Whether to friends, teammates or even the public.

For those of you who want to have a Legends Sultan mobile account, this post is the answer. On this occasion we will be selling ML Sultan accounts at great prices that you can easily buy.

Sell ​​Sultan’s Mobile Legends Account at Low Prices

Skin collection

The price of the account that will be auctioned this time is very cheap, only 50,000. What can you achieve with 50,000 capital?

Mythical Glory Account

Sell ​​ML Sultan Account

As you can see, the account we are currently selling has a Mythical Glory rank. Not only the Sultan, you can also be considered a Pro Player by playing this account.

As if that wasn’t enough, this account has also won the Weekly MCL and won the MCL Finals twice. Very professional!

Hundreds of skins (Legend, Zodiac, Epic Limited, KOF)

Harith Evos Epic

For those of you who are curious, Mimin will list here which skins this account has. As for basic skins and elite skins, we didn’t write them down, just listed exclusive skins like Legend. Zodiac, KOF and Epic Limited!

Here is a collection of exclusive skins from this account:

  • Legend of Gusion
  • Zodiac sign Odette
  • Lunox zodiac sign
  • Zodiac lance
  • Minotaur zodiac sign
  • KOF Karina
  • KOF Aurora
  • Epic Harith Evos Limited
  • Epic Selena Thunderflash Limited
  • Epic Hayabusa Shadow Obscurity Limited
  • Epic Harley Great Inventor
  • Epic Kimmy Astrocat
  • Epic Angela Venom
  • Special Kagura cherry witch
  • Special
  • Special Luo Yi
  • Special fanny summer
  • Body special
  • Special Guiniver
  • Special Alice
  • Special Leomord
  • Special Lesley
  • Special Hanzo
  • Special Natalia
  • Starlight Chou
  • Starlight Fanny
  • Starlight Cyclops
  • Starlight Bennedeta

Almost complete hero

Of all existing heroes, only a few new heroes are not yet owned. All Mage, Assassin, Support and Fighter slots have been purchased. There are only 4 unsold heroes dominated by tanks and 1mm.

All Level Max emblems

Max emblem

By purchasing this account, you no longer have to worry about improving hero’s early game performance. All emblems are maximized and you can use any emblem you want.

Many choices of emotes and memory effects

Complete emotes

It is not the time to be calm. With the myriad of effects that can be obtained from this account, it is very easy to mock your opponent.

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The number of completed emotes and the memory effect of the bags are ready to be tried out!

Magic Chess account already mythical

Magic chess mythical

For those of you who love to play Magic Chess, this account is Mythic too, you know! Has a win rate of 70+ for the top 3 and 50+ for the champion. You need to buy this account.

Lots of skin commander and cards

Of course, the journey to Mythic will be more exciting when the commander used is a commander who is still META. Various commanders such as Buss, Remy, Pao, Eva, Ragnar, Eggie and many more are available in this account.

The bonus, the owner of this account always buys commanders along with their base skins so that you can use all of the available skins. Don’t miss out, there is also a Skin for the Machine Shop Map for Magic Chess matches.

To order this account, you can contact our WhatsApp account number, namely +6285267153156

Currently, the IDKurir team is opening up the option for readers to buy and sell Mobile Legends accounts and Free fire by IDKurir as a Recber Party. You can advertise the account you want to sell on IDKurir for free. All you have to do is contact us through the specified contacts.

Be careful of those who try to call IDKurir. Make sure the contact you are calling matches our contact, yes.

Status: Not sold yet

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