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Sell ​​cheap FF Sultan Accounts, only 100,000 (Evo Cobra Bundle + Evo Gun) – Selling cheap FF Sultan accounts for only 100,000, Evo Cobra bundles, Evo Gun and often Elite Pass are available. First come, first served!

Playing the Free Fire game is a lot of fun indeed, especially if you play it in style. That means you have lots of skins to show off.

On this occasion we will be selling one of our member accounts for only 100,000. With not a large face value, you can already get hundreds of premium bundles, loads of weapon skins, and of course the Evo Cobra bundle everyone dreams of!

Sell ​​Cheap Sultan Free Fire Accounts

Sell ​​cheap FF Sultan accounts

Only with a capital of 100,000 can you get premium packages for male or female characters. There are many bundles available, from the Elite Pass to free events to limited edition bundles.

Check out our YouTube channel for complete information!

Sultan FF Evo Cobra sales account

There are also full vehicle skins. This means that not all vehicles are plain anymore, you can use all available skins. Car SULTAN!

Sell ​​Sultan Account FF vehicle skin

Other skins such as bags, boxes and parachutes do not need to be asked. Everything is completely available to choose freely according to your needs.

Sell ​​FF Sultan account

Do you still want to be stylish? Of course you can. We have more than 30 emotes for you. And remember, we have a Cobra bundle that means you can rock all of your roommates with the Cobra emote that you have!

Sell ​​Sultan FF Emote Cobra account

The most important thing is the skin of the weapon, what a shame if the sultan burns the weapon! Don’t worry, there are many limit weapons available in this account, such as the Evo Gun. The Evo Guns we have are the Cobra MP40 and AK Dragon. There are also several limit weapons from the Incubator and Scar Cupid.

Sell ​​Sultan FF Evo Gun Account

It is not great if the other equipment is not fully developed, here you not only get a simple one, but a real SULTAN account. You can get bomb skins that don’t count in total. You will also be given a pot to take with you to the lobby. He said it can also be brought to the lobby, there are also a lot of Gloo Walls that are finished, it’s just a matter of choosing which one to use.

Sell ​​FF Sultan account

How to buy

  • You can contact the available WhatsApp number 085267153156 to join the group.
  • If this post is still active, it means that this account has not yet been sold.
  • There are different payment methods such as Bank BCA, Gopay, Dana, OVO and Credit.
  • The system is the highest price that can accommodate this, it is highly recommended to enter the WA group. This account is opened only for 100 thousand.
  • When the supply runs out, there is a trick you can use Cheapest FF charging so that your account can become a sultan like me.

The last word

This is the article about selling FF Sultan accounts at low prices. Hope this article is useful for you to play this game comfortably!

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