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Scarlet Phantom, item with the highest attack speed expansion - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Guide Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

Scarlet Phantom Is an item in play Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This item is included in the attack item and is often used by marksmen or combat heroes. Yes, this article is made for marksmen.

Usually, Scarlet Phantom is used by archer heroes who have a high attack speed, for example, Moskov. Battle heroes like Zilong also often use Scarlet Phantom items.

In this article, Cecepkocep will now discuss the Scarlet Phantom item found in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. What is the function of the Scarlet Phantom? Let’s take a look at the rating below.

Features of Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

The main function of the Phantom Scarlet item in Mobile Legends is to Increases attack speed and critical damage. However, this item is better when we combine it with other items like Berseker’s Fury.

Base status

Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends
Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

+30 physical attack: The addition of this status is not that high folks. Because the selling point of the Scarlet Phantom item is its passivity.

+ 40% attack speed: Scarlet Phantom is the fastest attack speed item in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This value is higher when combined with the passive voice.

+ 10% critical strike chance: This value is very small, so we have to combine it with other items.

Passive: frenzy

If you give the enemy a critical attack, you will again get 25% attack speed. In combination with its base status, the Scarlet Phantom item offers an additional attack speed of 65%. That value is huge folks.

In addition to increasing attack speed, your critical chance also increases by 5%. This effect has no cooldown, so the Scarlet Phantom passive will work every time you critically hit. However, this effect only lasts for 2 seconds.

Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Rage

Berserker's Fury and Scarlet Phantom Mobile Legends

In order for the passive Scarlet Phantom to work more optimally, you need to increase your critical chance. One solution is to buy Berserke’r Fury items. In addition to this, Berserker’s Fury will also greatly increase your damage.

Scarlet Phantom and Wind Speaker

The Windtalker item also gives you a high critical chance which is 20%. However, this item does not offer any additional attack status. There is nothing wrong with combining these two items, but you need to buy items with additional attacks first, such as Berserker’s Fury items first.

Scarlet Phantom vs Windtalker

Usually, heroes who already have attack speed due to their skills are better off buying Scarlet Phantom. However, if the hero you are using needs extra movement speed, purchase the Windtalker item.

The combination of these two items isn’t wrong, but if the hero you’re using already has the attack speed of the skill, you don’t need to buy a Scarlet Phantom and Windtalker combo. I think it is enough to just buy a Scarlet Phantom.

Who is suitable?

As I mentioned earlier, this Scarlet Phantom item is very good for heroes who have attack speed and critical chance buffs. Who are you? Here it’s boy heroes who I think are very good at using Scarlet Phantom


Moskov Starlight Skin, Snake Eye Commander Skin, Mobile Legends Bang Bang
Moscow Mobile Legends

Moskov’s 1st skill makes him charge in a certain direction and his attack speed is increased by 20% for 2 seconds. Now if you buy the Scarlet Phantom item, Moskov’s attack speed will be even faster.


Miya’s attack speed increases with skills 1 and 3. So we can optimize these two skills again with the item Scarlet Phantom.


Karrie’s third skill does 50% additional damage (even if the attack speed is reduced). Therefore, the damage done by Karrie becomes even greater when you use a combination of Scarlet Phantom and Berserker’s Fury items.


Bruno’s passive skill gives him an additional 4% critical strike chance when his active skill hits the enemy. Even this critical strike chance can be stacked up to 5x, so Bruno has an additional critical strike chance of 20%. This stat becomes even greater when combined with Scarlet Phantom items.

Epic Zilong Skin, Changbanpo Commander Mobile Legends
Zilong Mobile Legends

Yi Sun Shin, Layla, and Zilong are also very good places to use the Scarlet Phantom item. Even assassins like Helcurt and Natalia can use this item very well. But it all depends on each player’s gameplay folks.

When was it bought?

In my opinion, you can buy the Scarlet Phantom item after the footwear item. Or you can also buy it after the Berserker’s Fury item is done or in the third slot.

That is the discussion this time about the Scarlet Phantom item in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. Visit Cecepkocep’s blog for more articles.

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