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[RUMOR] PUBG Corp. will create a game with Sci-Fi Open World theme

Android31 – Last February, PUBG players just did Pre-registration heard for the latest game PUBG Corp, This is PUBG New State in the Google Play Store. Not only is it a new game, but PUBG Corp is rumored to be working on a new game with the genre open world mixed with elements Science fiction.

One of the leaks involved vacancies from PUBG Corp, which were posted through the account on Twitter PlayerIGN, he showed screenshots of the types of vacancies posted by PUBG Corp. Which of them Background concept artist, animator, light artist, character concept artist and other.

In that tweet, PlayerIGN also said that this project would be named vertical and will use Unreal Engine 4 which is expected to appear in the next 2 to 3 years.

Therefore, do not jump to conclusions and expect more, we are waiting for official information directly from PUBG Corp., beyond that it is still rumors. And it is likely that PUBG Corp. will focus more on their new game, PUBG New State, which was announced in late February.

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