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[RUMOR] Mobile Legends cooperation with Saint Seiya

Android31 – Previously failed collaboration with Kaisen jujutsu, now Mobile legends try to work with one of the animes, namely Holy Seiya.

This was called by one of the Mobile Legends Datamainers. leaked Kazuki officer.

Saint Seiya is a hit anime of the 90s. Saint Seiya Anime produced by Toei animation and was first broadcast on in Japan TV Asahi on October 11, 1986. Anime Saint Seiya first aired in Indonesia on a television station RCTI in May 1994 to July 1995 and Indosiar 2001-2002.

Previously, Mobile Legends had been successful with. worked together war of stars and Transformers.

Before working together, Moonton always conducts surveys to see the enthusiasm of the players. Based on the survey above, there are 13 character names that are most likely to be used as skins. And the Saint Seiya series itself is identical to the zodiac, so it is very likely that this skin is one of the really limited zodiac skins.

However, it seems that this can change too, considering that all of the Saint Seiya zodiac signs have many differences from all of Mobile Legends’ zodiac skins.

Kazuki Official has not been able to confirm whether the later zodiac skin will be a new skin or replace the previous zodiac skin. Maybe we can see Rafaela Will Athens or Chou Will Pegasus saint.

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