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Roger Savage? Build Roger Sick RRQ Albert

Build Roger Hurts RRQ Albert – Roger is a hero fighter who has long been a part of Mobile Legends, but this hero is only OP if he enters Season 17. Why is Roger only OP in season 17? The reason is Meta Hyper Carry!

In yesterday’s MPL match at the RRQ Hoshi against EVOS Legends. Team RRQ uses 2 Hero Cores, namely Roger and Helcurt. Even though they have 2 hero cores, they can show that 2 hero cores are not an obstacle.

Proven! RRQ Hoshi won the match against Evos and ended with Roger Alberts Savage. For those of you who want to try RRQ Alberts Build Roger, you can check it out below.

Build Roger RRQ Albert

Here is the build Roger RRQ Albert in the match against Evos. A full explanation of this build can be found below:

  1. Raptor machete
  2. You need to know if this item is useful for speeding up agriculture and adding EXP while killing jungle. Therefore, this item is urgently needed at the beginning of the game.

  3. Training boots
  4. Sturdy boots are useful for reducing crowd control of enemies with stun abilities.

  5. Endless battles
  6. When Roger uses Endless Battles, the damage done increases with each skill he uses.

  7. Wind announcer
  8. Windtalker is very useful to Roger as he is a typical hero who uses basic attacks, he only needs attack speed for the damage done to make the enemy die.

  9. Blade of Despair
  10. Upon entering the middle game, Despair Blade is useful for buffing up auto attacks so the resulting damage is more powerful.

  11. immortality
  12. Immortal items are important to Roger so that he can be brought back to life in the event of death. You can also replace this item with Queen’s Wings.

How does Build Roger hurt like RRQ Albert? You can also find other hero builds on this blog. If you think the above build is less effective, feel free to write in the comments column.

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