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Rich car! How to Sell Cheap Free Fire Diamonds with no capital – Learn how to sell free fire diamonds yourself with almost no capital.

Lately almost all free diamond trading platforms have increased prices at the same time, including Codashop, Unipin or DuniaGames. In addition, some diamond sellers have even done the same on social media, such as raising prices and closing their stores.

This can happen because Garena Indonesia blocked the seller’s account from illegal diamond sellers some time ago. This is done to create a healthy gaming environment by topping up Diamond ff on several legal platforms in Indonesia such as Kiosgamer, Codashop, Unipin or DuniaGames.

So now we can’t sell FF diamonds by simply relying on the old trick of buying diamonds from Garena Malaysia. Now we can’t do that anymore. But don’t worry, we’ve found a new trick that is cheap and safe from the ban.

How to Sell Cheap and Safe FF diamonds

For those of you looking to sell free fire diamonds for the first time, or old sellers looking to resell, I’ll share a secret trick. This platform allows you to sell DM FF at a much cheaper price than Codashop, Unipin and DuniaGames.

How to Sell Cheap FF Diamonds

The name of the diamond free fire selling platform is 212 Multiple payment. This platform allows you to sell diamonds at more competitive prices than legal platforms like Codashop or Unipin.

You can find that the price offered by this platform is cheaper than other platforms. If you become a reseller, you can top up either for your own consumption or for resale (reseller) at a cheaper price.

Then how can you sell diamond-free fire through this platform?

The tutorial is very simple, here are the steps to sell diamond free fire at the lowest price.

  • Please download the app 212 Multiple payment via Playstore.
  • Then register as an agent by clicking Register. Enter your name and phone number for the verification process.
  • Enter the incoming SMS code and your account has been successfully created.
  • After registering, you can buy fire diamonds free of charge for personal use or resale.

After successful registration there is a special trick so that the purchase price of Diamond ff can be cheaper. Here’s how!

  • Click the Game Coupons menu
  • Select the Garena Physical Voucher menu
  • Then select the nominal amount of the voucher that you want to buy.
  • After your purchase, please Copy the coupon code that you will receive.
  • Exchange the voucher on the website
  • Then choose Free Fire
  • Then enter your Free Fire ID (or buyer).
  • Make sure the nickname is correct
  • Then click menu Garena vouchers
  • In the available column, please Insert the voucher code that you bought in the 212 Multi Payment application.

Simple, isn’t it?

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In addition to selling free fire diamonds through this application, you can also sell various other necessities like google play coupons, mobile legends diamonds or credit and internet quotas.

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