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Results of group stage M2 on day one

The opening game at the M2 Mobile Legend event was opened by matching Todak against Omega Esports. In this match the representative from the Philippines, namely Omega Esports, easily won in 2 games against the representative from Malaysia, namely Todak. In the second match, Burmesse Ghould, representing Myanmar’s Unique Devu waki from Russia, beat 2 matches at once. In the third match Todak, who had to lose in the opening game against Omega, but in this third match Todak managed to defeat the representative from Cambodia, Impunity KH, in 2 games at the same time. The next game will take place between RSG representatives from Singapore against Unique Devu. In this match the team from Russia offered enough resistance for up to 3 matches, whereby Unique Devu had to admit the superiority of RSG. In the fifth match between Omega and Impunity KH. Omega managed to beat the Cambodian team in 2 games at the same time. The final game of the first day of the group stage brought Burmesse Ghouls and RSG together. Burmesse Ghouls did reasonably well, although they had to play until their third game to beat RSG. Here are the full results.

Sword vs. Omega Sports (0-2)

Burmesse Ghouls vs. Unique Devu (2-0)

Sword vs. Impunity KH (2-0)

RSG vs. Unique Devu (2-1)

Omega Esports vs. Impunity KH (2-0)

Burmese Ghouls vs. RSG (2-1)

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