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Title: Registration with PUBG Mobile is not possible
Link: Registration with PUBG Mobile not possible

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Registration with PUBG Mobile is not possible

Registration with PUBG Mobile is not possible

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that is currently popular in Indonesia. This is clear when you consider that this game is an adaptation of a PC game that is already popular around the world. But have you ever played PUBG Mobile, couldn’t log into the game and just paused on the loading screen. This problem is common among gamers. To solve this problem, there are several ways to prevent you from being able to log into PUBG Mobile.

Update Load game

One of the issues with why you can’t sign in is that you haven’t updated on the Play Store. Sometimes, even though it was updated directly from within the game itself, the update is actually not directly linked to the Play Store. So if you can’t log into PUBG, check the Play Store first. If the PUBG Mobile apk shows an update notification, please update it first to fix the problem. After that, go back to PUBG Mobile and see the results.

use Wi – Fi

If the above method still doesn’t work, the next option is to use Wi-Fi. This happened to me, at that point I couldn’t log into Pubg Mobile even though it had the latest update at that point. The problem persists if the update notification does not appear and only stops while loading. Everything was done but the results were zero but at the time my friend recommended using his hotspot. As a result, it turned out that when my friend was using Hotspot, an update notification appeared and I was finally able to log in again as usual.

use VPN

The next option for those of you who still can’t sign into Pubg Mobile despite the above method is to use a VPN. You can download the VPN apk from the play store, there will be plenty of VPN apks available later. Download the one you think is appropriate. In that case, you can use a VPN to solve the problem of not being able to log into PUBG Mobile. If this method works, don’t forget to turn off the VPN once you’ve successfully signed in.

To install Repeat PUBG Cell phone, mobile phone

The last option of not signing into PUBG Mobile is to reinstall it. This method is recommended as a last resort if the above method still doesn’t work. This is done taking into account that at least a lot of quota is required to reinstall the apk. Delete the PUBG Mobile Apk data, then uninstall the APK, re-download and install PUBG Mobile. Log into PUBG Mobile and see the results.

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