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Recommended 10+ Latest Legal Download Sites for PC Games 2021 – Game is something that most of the people in the world love. If you are an old school gamer, you will be playing games on the computer a lot. You will play it either for free or for a fee from PC game download sites.

Games have become a profession, and not just to relieve stress and escape problems for a while. Many players make fantastic incomes, even more than office workers.

12 legal download sites for pc games

Legal download site for PC games

There are so many games that we can play on a pc or laptop from easy to high. You can also get it for free or for a fee. Below are some PC game download sites that you can try.

1. Steam

For those of you who love PC gaming, you may already be familiar with this gaming platform from Valve. Yes, Steam is a legal and free download site for PC games. The quality of the games on this site is also undisputed.

You can download the games and software you want to choose from at steam . Because thousands of games and software are available on this site. Steam also has several popular games that you can download or download for free Play for free.

For example, Dota 2 is the best MOBA game. Or download Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). You can download both for free. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Let’s try it out right away.

2. Origin

The next download site for pc games is this origin . For lovers of electronic arts games like FIFA and Battlefield, I recommend Origin as the preferred download site for PC games.

However, Origini’s database function is not that different from Steam library the game is pretty limited. In addition, the number of games we can download for free is also limited. But if you like the game APEX Legends, you can download it for free.

This game was hugely popular in early 2021, so now you can download it for free on Origin.

3. Epic game store

Do you know Fortnite? This is a game Battle Royale which is very popular these days. Well, you can legally download this game at Epic Games Store .

This site has a variety of games that we can download for free. There is no doubt about the quality of the game either, as there is support Unreal Engine latest.

4. Snowstorm

Other PC game download sites you can use include: Blizzard battle . If you want to get nostalgic after the World of Warcraft game, you can download it from this game page.

The games available in Blizzard Battle are artificial games developer Blizzard itself. For example Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch. How are the functions? This place to play pc games is almost like other pc game download sites.

5. GOG galaxy

The popularity of Steam as a download site for PC games is very popular indeed. But there are still people who don’t want to download it there. Why?

One reason is that Steam has a DRM system (Management of digital rights). This system will automatically burn the game library when Steam closes your account. From there comes GOG galaxy which has the same distribution system as Steam, only the DRM system for free.

If you are a lover of old school games, you can download them from this website. So you can download PC games offline here without having to connect to the internet. In fact, there are plenty of games you can play on Linux too.

6. Ubisoft Uplay

This game developer also competes to develop its own game client. You can now play their games on Ubisoft Uplay . Some games that you can play are Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, The Crew, and The Division.

But it’s a shame because not all games are free to download. But you can still play and buy the demo if there is a sale.


Unlike other pc game download sites contains indie games with not obsolete quality. Even the number of games that we can download from this site is huge, out of a total of more than 50,000 game titles available there.

You can also download light PC games from the website. So if your PC has mediocre specs, you can download the game at

8. Modest store

One of the advantages of this pc game download site is that it offers a lot of discounts. Because of this Modest shop very popular with pc game lovers.

You can download AAA games for a cheaper price. If you want to get free games, just follow the campaign that they run from time to time. If you want to get the feel of old-school games, you can download them from the Humble Store.

9. Garena

This PC game download site is known as the developer of the mobile version of the Arena of Valor (AoV) and Free Fire games. Yeah, it turns out Garena also has its own PC game client.

There are several games that you can download for free at Garena, such as League of Legends (LOL) and Fifa Online 3 in Indonesia. Point blank games have also been available on this site in the past. But now Zepetto has taken over the edition in Indonesia as the developer.

10. Microsoft Store

Your computer or PC uses the Windows operating system, right? If you want to play the game, just download it from Microsoft Store . There are many games that you can download from this website, both paid and free.

Some examples of games you can download on Microsoft Stroe are Asphalt 9 and Forza Horizon, both of which are included in the best racing games.

11. Rock star

Rock star is a new download site for PC games. At the beginning of its release, this site provided GTA: San Andreas, which was free to download. Since it is still relatively new, this gaming portal doesn’t have any other games like its own game. However, it is possible that this gaming portal provides promos for its own game.

12. RPG maker

If you are a frequent user of RPG Maker, you can download various games from this page. This site is great if you want an RPG without thinking about graphics. Because there are not a few games in the well-known RPG Maker.

These are some of the best pc game download sites for you to try. In fact, there are plenty of other websites for you to explore. Hopefully this article is a reference for those of you who play PC games but don’t know where to find them. Goodbye and thank you for visiting.

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