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Quest C Rang Ragnarok Mobile - Eternal Love

C Rank Quest Guide
Requirements : Adventurer level 25

1. Accept missions from NPC adventurers in the city of Prontera.
2. Go to town Payon, speak to the sniper NPC.
3. Have 1 million zeny in the bag, report to the NPC.
4. Follow the quest tracer.
5. Give 1000 evil horns on NPCs on Prontera.

6. Kill D.Oppelganger (MVP) and take the Soul Quest item.

7th Endless tower must be completed to the 70th floor and above.
8. Give the following list items to the NPCs:

  • 1 orc claw
  • 1 antenna
  • 1 dragon scale
  • 500 necklace of wisdom

9. Report to the sniper NPC.

10. Go back to NPC adventurers in the town of Prontera.

Secure! Your rank is C.

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