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Title: PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Link: PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Playing games is one of the types of entertainment that some people, especially men, enjoy. It is believed that by playing games it can relieve stress and boredom due to various activities and routines that you go through. In the age of digitization, there were many models and varieties that were developed by well-known companies. One of the games loved by game lovers is Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, or PUBG Mobile for short.

PUBG Mobile was previously a game developed for use on personal computers (PCs) only. However, due to the ever accelerating globalization, the designers and creators of this one game have started to explore the world of smartphones as a medium. Before we discuss PUBG Mobile’s tips and tricks for beginners, let’s first explain what the PUBG Mobile game itself is.

What is PUBG Mobile?

As explained above, PUBG Mobile is one of the games that is going viral right now and is loved by game lovers, especially online games. The working system of this game is that you have to fight 100 other players and try to be the last to live as a winner. At the start of the game, you and other opponents find yourself and other opponents in a plane, which then has to jump with a parachute to gain prey. The play zone is marked with a white circle that players must enter.

The white circle zone or PUBG game zone will automatically update and shrink when the circle is at position 0, indicating that the area is not safe. The white circle continues to shrink, causing players outside the zone to bleed and eventually die. In the meantime, players who are still in the zone of the white circle will fight for the title and get a chicken dinner.

At the start of its release, the PUBG game was already at the height of success, beating a number of other popular PC games such as H1Z1: King of the Hill and Dota 2. Within a month of the Early Access release, this game had 1.3 million players playing concurrently. At the end of December 2021, PUBG entered the full release phase with various new features that support such as Vaulting, Death Cam, and the Miramar Desert Map.

With the development of mobile-based games, this PUBG designer and creator is keen to launch a similar line of products, namely PUBG Mobile. In early 2021, PUBG Mobile was released as a global beta and hit 10 million downloads in just a week of its initial release.

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Control settings

The first tip for playing PUBG Mobile games for beginners is to reset the controls. In fact, this mobile game can be used directly at the beginning of the application. However, to make it easier and to adapt it to the level of comfort of the players, a game can be reset. To increase comfort, you can, among other things, adjust the sensitivity of the buttons.

Choose a strategic landing site and jump as quickly as possible
At the beginning of the game you will be sitting on a plane with other opponents. Each time you start the game, you will be brought in by planes with different routes, so the dive point will be different. There are two options of dive points that you can take in this game. The first is to land in the center of the map where the dip point has a pretty good loot item. However, if you choose the first immersion point, you will be faced with the possibility of hitting a lot of enemies or quite a lot of opponents.

The second option is to land at the end of the map, where that immersion point is a safe area and there are minimal firefights between players. One of the tips for those of you who choose to go for this one dive spot is to land near the freeway to make it easier to find vehicles.

The best option for those of you who decide to end up at the end of the map is to aim the vehicle right away to speed up the loot process and get the equipment and weapons you need. In addition, it is important for you that the vehicle moves quickly while narrowing the blue line to be in the safe zone.

Find weapons quickly

If you decide to end up in the middle of the map, you will immediately need to find a weapon to attack other enemies who are most likely in the zone. One of the tips for you is not to focus too much on prey, as the chances are that you will be caught off guard by enemies suddenly attacking you. However, for those of you who end up at the bottom of the map, you can get pulses to find weapon items good enough to survive and enter the war zone.

Get the best elements for your strategy

During the course of the game, you must be careful of anything before entering a building, an open door, or a parked car, as it is feared that this is a clue to an enemy. There’s one feature that can help you have your own supplies in the form of a pretty good weapon, which is auto-loot. This feature allows the character you choose to automatically select important items, switch weapons as well as more advanced ammunition, helmets, backpacks, vests, medical items, etc.

While it has many advantages, this one feature still has a disadvantage, which is often missing elements that are important to carry out the strategy you are pursuing.

Wise in choosing weapons

Another tip to survive in this game and win in the end is to be wise and careful when choosing which weapons to use. In this game you will find different weapons that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your job as a player is to determine the choice of weapons that will suit the strategy and plot of the game you are creating. For example, Oistol weapons are suitable for use at the beginning of the game, shotguns to fight enemies at close range, submachine guns (SMG) for medium damage, light machine guns suitable for shooting at enemies, assault rifles for use in Survive in the middle of the game to late games with a long range, far enough and so on.

Healing and boost items

Another tip, no less important in order to continue the game, is to get healing and boost items. Remember that PUBG games, for both PC and mobile, use a Health Points (HP) system, which is expressed as a percentage. HP percentage level can be restored by using various consumables that players will have to look for.

For example, b Kaliange to restore HP by 10%, first aid kit for the dying state, medicine kit that can restore HP up to 100%, and so on. Additionally, there are item boosts that are useful for the HP regeneration process and adding speed of movement that includes energy drinks, pain relievers, and adrenaline shots.

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