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PUBG map Vikendi tips place for landing

PUBG Map Vikendi Landing location tips

Good landing spots when playing PUBG on the Vikendi map

Vikendi is the newest map from Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game, also known as PUBG. The map is available on PUBG PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and on mobile devices.

Snowy areas are the hallmark of this map and are also equipped with new vehicles suitable for snowy areas in this map.

Despite being classified as the newest map, the fourth map in this PUBG game has multiple location points for a very good start to the game.

Before StickAir discusses the location points, we’d better take a look at the Vikendi map first.

Vikendi map

Big cities

Dobro Mesto




Small towns












Important sights

Dino Park


Cement factory


Hot Springs


Lumber yard

Mount Kreznic




Hidden areas


Location points for landing on the Vikendi map

Some very good places to land on the Vikendi map including:

1. Hot springs

This point is at the bottom of the map and belongs to the major attractions category. This place is a popular place for the players. This location is far from the other locations that are in the center of the map and has 2 large houses with enough loot to start the game.

After you have finished collecting weapons and preparations, you can go to Cantra or the cement factory or go to the castle to find enemies and get better weapons.

2. Goroka

This location is in the metropolitan area. This location is a popular place to land at the beginning of the game. But you have to hurry up and get ready as this place becomes the scene of the barbaric war of action. This place is big enough to explore in search of good booty and provides a good sniper spot for those looking to get AWM or sniper rifles, namely on the big hill around this place.

3. Castle

Castle is in Major Landmark’s friend. This place is the favorite place of the players. The location is pretty good for landing at the beginning of the game where the location is near the center of the map and is protected and surrounded by water. This place is perfect for a sniper location. In Castle, you can get good loot early on in the game. This location makes a very good landing spot if you want to survive from the start of the game.

4. Cosmodrome

This location is in the main attractions area. A very extensive and also very complex place with good but well-distributed weapons booty. This place is a safe underground location from the sniper threat. This place has a cliff that is useful for protection and as a means of escape when your position is known to the enemy.

5. Dino Park

The location in the Major Landmarks area is a popular spot for gamers. While this place doesn’t have enough loot, there is a reason that makes this place a very popular spot. Dinosaurs, dinosaur statues are the main reason in this place.

Vehicles available in map Vikandi

Several vehicles are available on the Vikandi map including:

Snowmobile, a land vehicle that can accommodate 2 passengers,

Snow Bike, a land vehicle with space for 2 passengers,

Dacia 1300, land vehicle for 4 passengers,

UAZ (Open Top), a land vehicle that can accommodate 4 passengers,

UAZ (Closed Top), a vehicle with space for 4 passengers,

PG-117, a watercraft that can accommodate 5 passengers,

C-130, aircraft with space for 100 passengers

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