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PUBG Guide - SCAR-L, assault rifle weapon with stable recoil


One of the weapons used in. are included Assault rifle is SCAR-L. This attack weapon has almost the same characteristics as the M416. So you can choose between SCAR-L and M416 as your main weapon. It depends on which weapon you hit first.

The weakness of this weapon is that it can free tariff which is lower compared to the M416. But for trouble damage, it’s almost the same guys. to Attachments itself is not much different from the M416, namely 4x scope, compensator or silencer, as well as Fore grip.

History of SCAR-L


In fact, this SCAR has the original name FN-SCAR, which means: Fabrique Nationale Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Riffle. Well, this SCAR is of two types based on the type of bullet used. SCAR-L uses 5.56 mm caliber bullets, while SCAR-H uses version bullets heavy, that’s 7.62 mm.

These two weapons are made by a Belgian manufacturer and are familiar to fans of the military FPS game FNH. This SCAR weapon is also widely used by world military such as the HK416 or M416. The United States is one of the users of this weapon. In addition, it is also used by our country’s neighbors, namely Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Have Recoil Stable, but …

If we compare it to the M416, the advantages of this are SCAR-L Recoilwhich tends to be more stable than other weapons. In addition, this weapon also has features that are almost identical to those of weapons in general, namely, easy to install different types of weapons Attachments. Thus, this weapon is quite flexible in the near and far range.

However, this SCAR-L turns out to be a mediocre weapon if we compare it to a gun Assault rifle Miscellaneous. This weapon is slow in killing enemies within a range of 0 to 50 m. If we look at the data of this weapon to deal with it armor Level 1 alone is quite difficult at a speed of 0.29 seconds. 0.03 seconds slower than other weapons using 5.56mm bullets.

Flexible for the distance not too far

PUBG SCAR-L statistics
PUBG SCAR-L statistics

Like the M416, the SCAR-L is also a flexible weapon for close and long range. The reason is that this weapon has different Attachments that can strengthen it. If you want to use it remotely, you can just plug it in Vertical foregrip, rifle scope 4x and also Silencer.

If you want to use it for close combat, just plug it in Red dot sight, angled / half-grip as well as Compensator. However, one of the weaknesses of this SCAR-L is that it doesn’t do very well when used for too long shooting distances, especially on PUBG-PC.

At a distance of approx. 300 meters, the SCAR-L projectile was already braked to such an extent that it was almost pulled down by the force of gravity. That happened on PUBG PC. How about PUBG Mobile? For PUBG Mobile, this weapon doesn’t have a ballistic effect, which is pretty realistic. You can use this weapon as with the M416.

So folks, this SCAR-L is a pretty good weapon for you to use at close to medium range. It is not very effective for long distances, especially at a distance of more than 300 meters. This gun has Recoil light so that you can easily hit your target. You can use this SCAR-L as your main weapon alongside the M416.

This time, that’s the discussion about the SCAR-L weapon. Hopefully useful and have fun experimenting.