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Title: Pros and Cons of Reset Season in Mobile Legends
Link: Pros and Cons of the Reset Season in Mobile Legends

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Pros and Cons of Reset Season in Mobile Legends

Pros and Cons of Reset Season in Mobile Legends

Hello gamer friends, especially for Mobile Legends players, what level are you in? This time the admin will discuss the pros and cons of the reset season in the Mobile Legends game. Do you know what reset season is? Of course, old players did.

For friends who hear the term Reset Season in the Mobile Legends game for the first time, the admin first explains a little what Reset Season is.

Reset season When translated into Indonesian, it will reset the season where all Mobile Legends players drop their tier or division and rank, so shocking and confused for those who meet the reset season for the first time Released September 2016, so far this article has been published almost in season 12 and the reset season is run by Moonton every 3 months, usually a week in advance of the reset season.
There are a few Benefit and loss Every time there is a reset season what are they?

  • In each reset season, Moonton awards a prize in the form of an exclusive skin for one season, free of charge and permanently.
  • Get golden Battle Points (BP) and tickets, which are quite a lot according to the level reached. So don’t worry, Moonton is friendly.
  • The reset season offers players the opportunity to compete in the top global or top local positions, as the previous top global and top local players can fall behind in rank, for example from Legend to Epic. So at the beginning of the season there has to be new top global players and top local players.
In fact, when we discuss the pros, it feels incomplete if we don’t also discuss the cons.


    • The loss we are feeling is very clearly that we will lose a few stars and fall into division or rank. So our previous struggle will look in vain, we will repeat to move up to a higher rank. But it’s fair because it applies to all Mobile Legends players.
    • The opponents we face will be tougher, why? Because if we are only relegated in the division, this does not preclude the opponents we are facing from being of a lower rank. For example, in Epic Rank we are one up to Epic three while the opponent we face is a former Legend rank, how does it feel hard?

    That’s the article on the pros and cons of resetting the season in Mobile Legends

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