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Title: Pre-register the latest MOBA game Light vs Shadow
Link: Pre-register the latest MOBA game, Light vs Shadow

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Pre-register the latest MOBA game Light vs Shadow

Light against shadow

Update: Light vs Shadow has been released on the Play Store.

After various MOBA games have emerged and cast a spell over many players, it is now the turn of Light Vs Shadow to be released and guaranteed to attract many players.

Light Vs Shadow is an upcoming 3D MOBA game for Android. Light Vs Shadow itself got its name based on a manga called Light Vs Shadow.

Because based on the manga, of course, the characters / heroes that can be used come from the Light Vs Shadow Manga. You could say this is the first manga-based MOBA game to be released.

Light against shadow

This of course distinguishes it from other MOBA games. In addition, Light Vs Shadow has several features that are no less interesting than the various MOBA games published.

Light against shadow

One of them is the 3v3v3v3 combat feature. Unlike other MOBA games that mostly use a 5 vs. 5 system, Light Vs Shadow also features a 5 vs 5 system, a 3v3v3v3 combat system.

What is the system like?

So you do not only compete against 1 team, but fight against 3 teams at the same time. Each team consists of 3 players.

The card used will of course be different from card 5 vs 5. This card size is smaller than card 5 vs 5.

In addition, the graphics of this game are very attractive. The effects of both skills and other effects are extraordinary.

Light against shadow

This game has a very interactive gameplay so you won’t get bored easily playing it. You get a unique gaming experience that you won’t get in other MOBA games

Light against shadow

This game is definitely worth trying.

Please watch the following video trailer:

Currently, Light Vs Shadow has not been released worldwide. You can pre-register under this link.

Hence the latest article on how to pre-register MOBA games, light vs. shadow

This is an article to pre-register for the newest MOBA game, this time Light Vs Shadow, hopefully you can all benefit from it. Well, see you in another article post.

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