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Playing GG with Argus, building Argus in Mobile Legends is the worst in 2021

Android31Argus is a hero with a fighter type who is less desirable at the beginning of his appearance, this leads to Moonton being overhauled.

For those of you who use this hero a lot, here’s the worst 2021 Argus build after the makeover.

Item Build Argus Sick 2021

Fast boots

As a hero who needs a high attack speed, Swift Boots is the best shoe item for Argus as this item gives a pretty big extra attack speed in the early game.

If you don’t like Swift Boots, you can also use other shoe items such as Warrior Boots or Tough Boots, depending on the playing conditions.

Demon hunter sword

After the shoe item, Argus can use the demon hunter sword item. An item that, due to its passive effect, can be used very effectively against fat heroes.

In addition, the Demon Hunter Sword also increases Argus’ early game damage output, allowing Argus to do a lot of damage from the start of the game.

This item also increases 35 physical attack, 25% attack speed, and has a passive auto attack effect that deals 9% of the target’s remaining HP as additional physical damage.

Scarlet Phantom

To maximize Argus’ attack speed, Argus can use the best attack speed improvement item called the Scarlet Phantom.

This item increases 30 physical attack, 20% attack speed, and 30% critical chance.

In addition to this, Scarlet Phantom also has a passive effect that can increase attack speed and critical chance if Argus manages to land a critical attack on the enemy.

Wind announcer

Argus really needs attack speed for his damage to hurt even more. To maximize his attack speed, Argus can now also use an item called the Windtalker to increase 40% attack speed, 20% movement speed, and 10% critical chance.

Blade of Despair

According to Windtalker, Argus can use the Blade of Despair item, an item that maximizes the damage Argus does.

Blade of Despair increases 160 physical attack, 5% movement speed and has a passive effect where Argus gains a 25% increase in physical attack when attacking an enemy with HP below 50%.

Berserker’s rage

For the final item, Argus can use the Berserker’s Fury item to increase his physical attack and critical attack, allowing Argus to do very painful damage with his auto attack.

Emblem Build Argus Sick 2021

Assassin emblem set

Although the main class of Argus is a fighter, this Assassin Emblem is perfect for Argus as this emblem increases physical attack, physical penetration, critical chance, cooldown reduction, and movement speed for Argus.

Level 1: Agility

Movement speed is an important attribute for a fighter like Argus to move quickly. Therefore, Argus can take a talent called Agility to increase movement speed by 2% per level.

Level 2 Talents: Invasion

For the next level, Argus can take Invasion to increase physical penetration by 2 points at each level. This way, Argus can still do a lot of damage even though the enemy uses various items of defense.

Level 3: Death Frenzy

Of the three available talents at this level, Killing Spree is one that works very well for Argus. This talent allows Argus to regenerate HP by 15% and increase movement speed by 20% after Argus gets a kill.

Zauberbau Argus ill 2021

Carry out

To choose the first combat spell, you can use Execute, a spell that allows Argus to instantly execute a dying enemy.


For those of you who don’t like Execute, you can also use Flicker as this spell can be combined with Argus’ abilities or used as an escape tool.

Combo Build Argus Sick 2021

Argus Combo is very simple and easy to use, you can open it with Demonic Grip (1) to get to the enemy quickly.

Demonic Grip (1)> Meteoric Sword (2)> Demonic Grip (1)> Basic Attack.

Tips for Argus Pain Build 2021

  • Never hesitate to go forward as Argus has the Eternal Evil (U) ability which makes it impossible to kill for a while.
  • Immediately use the Eternal Evil (U) skill whenever you want to take part in the team fight that is currently taking place.

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