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Title: Player languages ​​used in the real world
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Player languages ​​used in the real world

Player languages ​​used in the real world

GAMER is a person or person who plays games and playing games is part of the activities in their daily life smartphone, a person can become a gamer even if they are not as professional as a well-known gamer.

Online games that once existed, although they are no longer as popular as they are today, have shot up like mushrooms on any computer or smartphone. Namely, we can interact and communicate with other players, albeit indirectly, usually in the form of chat messaging functions and voice or voice chat.

The following are the languages ​​or words that gamers frequently use in the real world.


All players must know and have heard of the term noob, noob is a language often used by gamers to refer to players or players who are beginners (newbies) or are learning. Noob words are often used in the real world when someone can’t do something, do something, and ask friends for help. For example, the word noob appears at school when you can’t solve school problems and ask friends to teach him something.


Lag, a word often used when we are playing games and the game is not moving, the bug even returns to the main menu, lag language or words have now gone viral in the real world when our friends fool around with you not what they are talking about, we alias speak baffled.

3. Legendary, double kill, triple kill, maniac to savage

Words that are often used in games that gamers are still very interested in, namely MOBA games, including the words Double kill, Triple kill, Maniac, and Savage, are now widely used by young people when fooling around after they have successfully bullied the subject several times up to Savage. How were you ever met by Savage?

4.GG (good game)

The word GG is often used in online games to praise in recognition of the good cooperation between players or gamers, but the word GG is now used when we praise friends in real world sports such as soccer and sometimes they say, when we play sports, study groups to praise friends who are smart at solving difficult problems.

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