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Play GG with Karina, build Karina's painful 2021 after the makeover!

Android31Karina Mobile Legends is an assassin-type hero, Karina herself recently received a makeover from Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, the old Karina build no longer hurts, so here are recommendations for the Karina Mobile Legends build after receiving the 2021 revision.

Build Karina Mobile Legends is the Sickest 2021

Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots

The first item is the Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots. This shoe item can trick Karina into stealing some of the enemy’s movement speed. This allows Karina to catch up with the enemy faster.

As for the upgrade itself, it is highly recommended that Karina use Arcane Boots for extra penetration and movement speed.

Disaster Reaper

The second item you need to buy is the Calamity Reaper as this item can increase Karina’s damage.

Using this item will increase magical power and cooldown reduction. In addition to this, Calamity Reaper also increases auto attack damage after using the skill.

Shadow twin blades

Shadow Twinblades is a new item in Mobile Legends, most likely this item was made for Karina. Where? Using this item gives Karina an increased damage output and increases attributes such as Magical Power, Magical Lifesteal and Movement Speed.

In addition, Shadow Twinblades can increase auto attack, which is 200 auto attack plus 50% magical power, giving a 60% slowdown effect.

Concentrated energy

Before getting Revamp, and even after Revamp didn’t make Karina a very OP heroine when entering the mid-range, Karina was still very prone to dying easily entering the mid-range.

To overcome this, you will need to increase your Magical Lifesteal by purchasing items with concentrated energy. Concentrated energy not only increases magical lifesteal but also increases magical attack, maximum HP, and has a passive effect that can restore Karina’s HP after successfully killing an enemy.

Holy crystal

Holy Crystal helps you to maximize the magical power and damage output of Karina Mobile Legends.

This item also offers 100 magical power and 35% magical power and passive effects.

Divine glaive

For the last item you need to use Divine Glaive, Divine Glaive can increase magic penetration. This item increases magic penetration by 40%.

The Sickest Karina Mobile Legends Emblem 2021

Magician emblem set

Since Karina is a heroine with a magic-type damage class, it is mandatory for Karina to use the mage emblem set.

Because this emblem can increase magic penetration, magic power, cooldown reduction, spell vampire, and movement speed.

You can see the talent upgrade for yourself below:

Level 1: Agility

As an assassin hero, Karina requires a fairly agile movement. Therefore you should use the agility talent to increase the movement speed by 2% per level. This way Karina has been able to run around quickly since the early game.

Talent level 2: observation

If you want to increase the damage Karina does, you can use Observation for the second level talent to get an additional magical penetration attribute of 2 points at each level.

If necessary, you can also combine observation with disaster for additional magical power.

Talent level 3: Mystery Shop

For all of the tiers I’ve written here, it’s actually very suitable for Karina. But here I prefer to use the Mystery Shop so that Karina can buy items at 90% of the original price. This way, Karina can have core items faster.

Battle Magic Karina Mobile Legends Hurt 2021


In order to be able to use the ice hunter’s arcane boots for junglers, Karina is very much obliged to bring the spell retribution with her.

Retribution is used not only to steal movement speed from opponents, but also to accomplish targets like Turtle and Lord.

Combo Skill Karina Mobile Legends Pain 2021

Shadow Attack (U)> Dance of Blades (1)> Basic Attack> Dance of Death (2). Karina’s skill combination is pretty simple, but pretty difficult to use smoothly.

Tips for Karina in Mobile Legends to Get Sick in 2021

1. Don’t hesitate to use all of Karina’s abilities as they all have short cooldowns. Especially the Shadow Attack (U) skill, as he can restore his cooldown thanks to his passive skill.

2. Always do ganking because Karina can kidnap enemies very easily.

How to play GG with Karina in Mobile Legends after the revamp in 2021.

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