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Title: PC specs for playing PUBG with high graphics
Link: PC specs for playing PUBG with high graphics

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PC specs for playing PUBG with high graphics

world Games on personal computers has increased. like the PUBG game (Playerunknown’s Battleground) which requires a PC with good specs to play with high graphics without any problems.

Not only that, but also Live recording game and Live streaming Of course, you need a high spec computer. This is how the gaming experience becomes Games become more exciting and fun.

When you play Games performance is possible on PCs that do not have sufficient specifications Games blocked so that comfort is impaired. Gomen gives recommendations on specifications Gaming equipment also known as PC Games Standard in 2021 for playing PUBG games.

CPU / processor

Play first GamesGames PUBG PC uses at least one computer with a CPU /quad core processor. processor with 4 Vein currently it is very sufficient to support the performance Games Modern PC so that it can produce Style of playcomfortable. Especially with Windows 10 and DirectX 12, CPU 4 Veinalways be optimized.

quad core processor also quite good for activities Multimedia multitasking like to play Games while live recording, live Streaming, Videos conference, etc. This type of activity is certainly very beneficial resources CPU 4 Vein or more. If necessary, you can Quad processor Vein who has technology Multithreading or Hyperthreading so that it can handle multiple processes.

What to watch out for, CPU or processor used produced at least 3 years / generation back. Because if you use processor the older generation has of course lagged far behind in terms of performance processor latest generation. Aside from that, processor 3 generations back are still in the market so you can still buy them. processor the old generation must no longer have been produced so that there are only used products on the market. example processor that conforms to PC specifications Games for PUBG this includes

  • Intel Core Series (Haswell)

    • Core i5-4460, -4590, -4690, etc.

    • Core i7 * -4770, -4790, etc.

  • AMD Athlon X4 (Kaveri) series, e.g. Athlon X4 840, 860K, etc.

  • AMD FX (Vishera) series, e.g. FX-6300, -8310, -8320E, -8370 etc.

  • AMD Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 series

*) Intel Core i7 Haswell has 4 Veinbut can use Hyper Threading Technology 8. carry out Threads.

Graphics card with GPU that supports DirectX 12. supports

To get a look Games pleasing to the eye, you need a graphics card with GPU performance (graphic card) appropriate. A VGA card with optimal performance is required for operation GamesGames Modern PCs. Currently mostly GamesModern PCs focus more on graphic display effects, so this is very taxing on the performance of graphic devices.

The recommended PC specifications this time require at least a VGA card that supports DirectX 12. This is because GamesGames Modern PCs have started to use platform that. But there are also many Games Modern PCs that are still using platform DirectX 11. In addition, the graphics card you are using has at least 2 GB of VRAM in order to be able to process a relatively high screen resolution.

Same as processor, VGA card used with at least a GPU 3 years / generations back. The reason for this is that its performance is still perfectly adequate and can still be found in the market. Some examples of GPUs that meet PC specifications Games 2018 included this time

  • AMD Radeon 200 series, e.g. R7 265, R9 270

  • Nvidia GeForce

    • GTX 600 series, e.g. GTX 650 Ti, 660, 660 Ti etc.

    • GTX 700 series, e.g. GTX 750 Ti, 760, 770 etc.

In the recommendations of this spec, I do not recommend using IGP (Integrated graphics processing) or processor integrated graphics to play with GamesModern PCs. IGP is usually built into Processor chips. IGP must use VRAM by enabling (divided) with a main memory (RAM) of max. 2 GB. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that modern IGPs also have specifications and performance that are no less good than class GPUs Low end.


Besides, to aid performance Games ideally, the specifications of the gaming PC recommend the use of RAM memory with a minimum capacity of 8 GB this time. This capacity seems to be sufficient for processing data GamesGames Modern PCs are pretty big.

The recommended RAM memory type in this specification is at least DDR4. DDR4 technology is still relatively new, but there are some products on the market. Tekno Thumb recommends using DDR4 as it has better computer performance and efficiency than the previous technology (DDR3). But if processorthat you do not support DDR4, please use DDR3 RAM memory.

Use SSDs!

For data storage requirements, I recommend using an SSD (Solid state drive). One of the advantages of SSD is that the data access speed is much faster than heavy Discount. The speed of data access on the SSD certainly affects PC performance Games including speeding up the process Boots and Loading Game dates.

Only the price of the SSD still feels a bit expensive compared to hard disk normal. With the same capacity, SSD prices can reach 3 times the price hard disk. For this, you can perhaps use a medium capacity SSD like 120-250GB. There are currently three SSD models, namely SATA 2.5 “, PCI Express Card and M.2 NVME. SSD with SATA 2.5” model seems to be an option because the price is lower.

Windows 10 64-bit operating system

If you look at the above specifications, then the operating system is suitable for the operation of a PC Games The 2021 standard is the 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. The 64-bit operating system runs optimally processor and a modern graphics card and 4 GB or more RAM memory. Apart from this, platform The exclusive DirectX 12 is only available under Windows 10. But there is a lot more Games Modern PCs that platform DirectX 11 so that it can run on older generations of Windows such as Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

More devices

  • monitor HD or Full HD with at least 1920 x 1080 resolution to get the view Games comfortable.

  • DVD-ROM for operating system installation media, driver, or application Games

  • Internet connection either via LAN or WiFi. It is recommended that you use a high-speed internet connection for further optimization Style of play especially on online game.

  • device audio default

  • keyboard and mouse Standard, but it would be better to use keyboardMechanic and Gaming mouse.

  • Motherboards, case, and the power supply (power adapter) simply adjust the components above or platform Second hand.

In summary, the PC specifications are

  • CPU 4 Vein (recommended version 3 generations back)

  • VGA card that supports DirectX 12 (recommended version 3 generations ago)

  • 8GB DDR4 memory

  • SSD capacity from 120-250 GB

  • monitor HD or Full HD with 1920 x 1080. Resolution

  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system

The above PC specifications cannot be used only for the need Games only but also for the need mainstream (Office, browse, and Media center) as well as Workplace how graphic Design, video production, and Content creation. computer Games with the above specs, it is certain that it can run various Games modern inclusive E-sports with resolution low to mid end maybe even up high-quality.

The above explanation can be a guide and recommendation for those who want to play PUBG PC game. Please adjust the PC specifications Games up with budget and what you need to use.
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