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Password Moco FF Latest Free Fire Puzzle Event 2021

This September, Garena is hosting various interesting events for Free Fire players in Indonesia. One of the events that you have to attend is the Moco FF (Free Fire) event. Therefore, to get the prize, you will have to solve the necessary puzzles. And on this occasion Gamedaim tips provides information about the Moco FF password.

Because normally we have to do a spin to complete an event, but in this event we have to answer the riddle of the event correctly. Some of the exclusive prizes you can get are the FF Moco Month Bundle and the Turquoise Warning Avatar.

Now, instead of lingering, for those of you confused about answering the Moco FF password in order to solve the Moco Free Fire puzzle, let’s watch the discussion below.

Moco FF Puzzle Event (Free Fire)

Moco ff event events
Moco FF | Special

This Moco FF puzzle event took place from September 10th to 19th, 2021. At this event you can receive a variety of attractive and exclusive prizes for free. So it’s only natural for a lot of people Survivors who want to end this event as soon as possible.

Moco’s character is portrayed as a brilliant woman who has the know-how to hack a program. Of course, if a lot of FF players want that character.

However, before knowing the Moco FF event password, it is good for you to know how to complete the missions in the Moco FF puzzle event.

How to complete Moco FF puzzle event missions

Free fire events
Free fire events | Special

How to complete the mission in the Moco FF event is very simple, plus it doesn’t take long to complete. Instead of getting confused, here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Sign in to your Free Fire account
  2. Select the Puzzle Free Fire Event tab and open it, click on the text begin
  3. To get to the laboratory, you will have to cross obstacles to avoid objects by pressing left and right
  4. When you arrive laboratory, you can open the door with fingerprint and enter the password DOOR
  5. Click on the glowing arrow to start the hack
  6. After that you have to enter the password in the form of. Reenter 112303. Moco FF passwords can be different depending on the number displayed on the power button.
  7. Next you will receive a password or an authorization code and can enter the code HELLO WORLD
  8. And finally you managed to finish this event and wait a while to get the award.

Moco FF 2021 password and event code

Password Event Moco FF
Password Moco FF | Special

For those of you who have been waiting for this information, here are the passwords and event codes for Moco FF that you can enter to complete the event.

  • Moco FF password: DOOR
  • Moco FF code: HELLOWORD

Make sure the password or code you entered is in uppercase for the process to go smoothly. Because if you enter the wrong password, then the profit does not go to you Game mail She.

Well, that’s information about the latest password for the Moco FF (Free Fire) Puzzle Event 2021. Keep visiting us Gamedaim to keep you informed about other Free Fire games.

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