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Parakacuk - Indonesian version of "Bully" is out next year

Android31 – The Gamecom team announced a new project that they are working on. This Indonesian game developer gave a teaser of his new project which he thinks is the biggest project they have ever done.

This new game was announced on its official website and is called “Parakacuk”. This game tells the story of a group of school gangs battling for power on the school grounds, also packed in this game with stories of friendship, romance and, of course, riot.

At the beginning of the game you play a character named Budi, Budi is a student in one of the schools in Indonesia. Budi will live the story by joining a gang called “Parakacuk”. This gang wants to be the strongest in school. You could say that this game is almost similar to the legendary Rockstar Games game, Bully.

As for the release date itself, this game will be released through Steam in the fourth quarter of next year. It is planned that this game will also be released on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, XBox and Nintendo Switch.

On December 18, 2021, Gamecom claims that the game process has reached 20%. The game’s first trailer will be released in the first quarter of next year.

If it really gets released, I will be personally proud of this game. The graphical representation is decent and can be published on Steam for many game fans.

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