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Other than the redemption code, this is an easy way to get free diamonds from Free Fire 99,999. About Semarang

OVER-SEMARANG – Free Fire players really hope to get lots of diamonds. Because when you have a lot of diamonds, you can buy whatever you want.

But in order to get diamonds, players have to buy them with money. But unfortunately there are many Free Fire players who don’t have a lot of money to buy diamonds.

Then how do you get diamonds in bulk?

One of them will need to redeem the code or request the FF redemption code shared by Garena on a daily basis. However, the FF redemption code is definitely waiting a lot so if you claim it has run out.

But there are also those who use the Free Diamond Free Fire script to get 99,999 diamonds with no application.

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This method is actually not recommended as the risk to your account is dangerous. Because if you get caught by Garena, your account could be suspended or banned for 3 to 7 days.

If you are curious if this method works, you can try it out with the newly created account first.

Then how do I get diamond scripts?

Diamond Script is code that allows you to get 99,999 diamonds for free.

This script has developed into a cheat often used by gamers, which was specially developed by the developer to test gamers with a high level of creativity.

There is no denying that the script is very similar to the cheat as the function is the same, but the script requires high accuracy in order to enter the secret code.

The script doesn’t require any special application, you just download a script file that is ready to use.

You can DOWNLOAD HERE, then the file will be in ZIP format so it has to be unzipped before use.

Quoted from, here’s how to use the script:

1. Open the downloaded file
2. Extract the file. If the phone or gadget you are using is still not supported, you need to download the ZArchiver application from the Google Play Store
3. Open the ZChiver application and extract the file. The result of the extraction file is a diamond script file
4. Click the cut or move button, or click the scissors logo
5. Open the memory. Enter the Android file, then the data, open com.dts.freefiretg, then the file, then the content cache, then mandatory. After that, open Android and paste the file that you cut out earlier
6. If the file is already installed in the folder above, you can open the Free Fire application immediately.

One sign of the script being installed successfully is that your diamonds were added automatically.

Make sure you do the above steps correctly and correctly because if it is wrong the diamond will not be usable. Much luck.* * *

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